Once U "See" Yourself, others will "look" different

Jan 07, 2013

This whole idea of change should be for YOU first..yes, we want to be healthy for our children...we want to be around for family..in so many instances we find ourselves making decisions and giving ourselves away so much that we never consider ourselves and the impact our giving has on us...This year, it is my plan to continue to inspire and encourage others to finally SEE themselves differently...we are NOT what we eat, we are NOT what others say we are, we ARE what WE say we are and what WE believe...once you start speaking and believing whatever it is about yourself, you become or remain IT....

This year, I declare that I see myself beautiful, whole and complete with no lack....no lack of in my health, my wealth or my relationships...I see myself WHOLE and as I "see" that, I don't have to see any lack in others...try it, it works!!!



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