My Blessed Book Giveaway

Apr 23, 2013

Hello all my faithful supporters!!! For those of you who don't know I published a book last year. Well I have a campaign going on right now and I'm blessing 10 ppl with a free autographed, sample copy of my book. Just email me your address. If you want a description of the book go to amazon dot com and search The Weight Is Over:Confess, Commit, Continue. This will give u an idea of what the book is about. 

It would be my honor to bless you. 

Until next encouraged. 


Not my will but God's be done

Feb 17, 2013

Many ppl choose what it is they wish to believe for their own lives...I myself have chosen Jesus...I remember when I first got on OH years ago, I went out into the main forum and extended Jesus..oh boy did they have a hay day...I had no idea there were so many miserable ppl in my life...I now understand why so many were FAT and disgusted with themselves..they had absolutely no HOPE at all..What I've come to realize over the past few years is that I'm being birthed into a whole new life...everything and every way I used to do things has not shifted..I have fallen in love with Jesus and because of that relationship, I just dont do things the same way...It is by His grace I'm able to live and breathe...when I thought about killing myself, I had no idea it was a representation of dying to myself...I am understanding thru my relationship with Christ, there's nothing I can do or will do to separate me from Him...sin separates when a person has not been saved...I am saved, I've accepted Christ as my savior...knowing that, I'm not modifying my behaviors anymore, its my relationship with Him and honor for Him that I will discontinue those accept the knowledge of Christ being crucified for me...if I believe that, then there's no reason at all for me to be worried about what I look like, or how I feel..the closer I get in to relation with Him the better off I I learned about grace...Jesus is full of grace, and in fact, He has more grace than we have when you are ready to get up and accept Jesus as your personal savior knowing He died for every sin you have committed and will ever commit  He will indeed bless you..when you start looking at your situation thru the grace of God and not your own doing, I promise the possibilities of whatever you wish will open up..Im no longer interested in self-help books, declarations or mantras..I know that I dont even have enough in me to do it!! Its His will not mine!!!!


Be encouraged!!!


A New Day A New Dawn

Feb 11, 2013

The dark cloud has lifted, thank God and thank you to all of you who sent words of encouragement...let me say this..I am no means trying to be accepted by Man, or a man...these internal conflicts are with myself...believe it or not..I really do LOVE ME!! its what keeps me here...the conflicts do become overwhelming but I know its the enemy's way of convincing me that I'm not worthy...Nobody disrespects me or devalues me..these are things I've done to myself because I only saw what I could see with my eyes...

My encouragement today as it has been before is to see past what you can see with your eyes...they deceive, the scale deceives, your heart will not deceive...God made us in His image so the core of us is all good...I know its easier to see it and believe in someone else before we see it in ourselves but today...I give myself permission to be all that God has created me to be!!! How about that? I am a wonderful person who loves Jesus and His children..nobody or this body will keep me from that....

BAM!! I love you all so much!!!!


Suicide-Yes, I said it!!!

Feb 07, 2013

Not everybody in the world can relate to what it may feel like to want to die by your own hands...Many people think that ppl who think about suicide are crazy, manic and even unbelievers.  Well let me share something with you.  I'm neither but yes, I think about killing myself sometimes...this surgery has caused so many conflicting emotions that sometimes I feel like I'm better of dead...I know that's not the truth but I promised I would stay transparent...Think about it!! One minute you're treated like the fat pretty do something about the weight and now you  just become the typical pretty girl, never getting a chance from anyone to express who you really are without being judged...its crazy...I love the Lord Jesus, and I know that He died for all my sins..I understand that what I see with my eyes is not necessarily the truth anymore but I have to have time to sort thru all these real feelings and they do not make me crazy..Not talking about it and hiding it from ppl is what crazy is...sharing your feelings is not what makes you crazy!!!...

I want to share and encourage any of you who may have these thoughts...make sure you are talking to someone...let go of any issues of guilt, shame, fear or doubt because that's the fuel that spirit needs to continue to are more than worthy to be loved...How you see yourself is are beautiful, you are special, you will live...thru every hurt pain of the past and pain in the will LIVE!!!

I stand with you my sisters and brothers who feel like the only way out is death but you are so important, your story is imperative to many so keep it and not die...share and declare that you will live and everything you have been thru has been purposed for such a time as this!!!

Inbox me if you need to!!!!


What a Rollercoaster Ride

Feb 04, 2013


I have been away for a few weeks but I think of you all the time...I feel responsible to "keep it real."  I'm so perplexed at the number of individuals who still feel the need to alter the truth as it pertains to their weight loss issues....this is not easy! Once you can conquer that, the healing real with your feelings..this is not a quick fix and you cannot afford to compare yourself to others...we all carry our weight different, therefore we will lose it different...I see a size 6 totally different than "my" 6's...for whatever reason, my 6's seem BIG...its all how you look at it..learn to have fun and enjoy this journey, if not it will consume you!!!

I've started my coaching practice and I love it..I'm also in the thick of starting a trucking company...I absolutely love it!! Do something you never have before...I must admit, the weight loss gives you a new lease on things...skinny is not where you want to be...healthy is and it doesn't start with what you look like, its starts with what you see...we all have a choice to look at things from the good, bad, or ugly side...they all are equal so that being the case choose to find the good in every takes less energy and effort...

Be blessed and encouraged to do things and see things as you have never before in life.....



Once U "See" Yourself, others will "look" different

Jan 07, 2013

This whole idea of change should be for YOU first..yes, we want to be healthy for our children...we want to be around for so many instances we find ourselves making decisions and giving ourselves away so much that we never consider ourselves and the impact our giving has on us...This year, it is my plan to continue to inspire and encourage others to finally SEE themselves differently...we are NOT what we eat, we are NOT what others say we are, we ARE what WE say we are and what WE believe...once you start speaking and believing whatever it is about yourself, you become or remain IT....

This year, I declare that I see myself beautiful, whole and complete with no lack of in my health, my wealth or my relationships...I see myself WHOLE and as I "see" that, I don't have to see any lack in others...try it, it works!!!



Not the size of the ship...but the motion in the ocean

Jan 06, 2013

I'm just coming into the discovery that it really doesnt not matter what size jeans I wear...its the effort I put into affirming myself and those around me...its not how much I work out or cut back on foods that are not so good for me, but the effort/motion in acknowledging that I am a good person and I deserve the best of everything God has for me....

A while back I came up with the quote, "the human palate for approval is insatiable." The truth is, no matter how good we think we look, how good we pretend to feel, its still not enough because we have not dealt with the core or root of how we see ourselves...somehow we have allowed life to beat us up and get us in a place we will never feel worthy...well its time out for that...  all of us in this forum has made a huge, life altering decision to change our lives and even if we dont "look" like we thought we would yet, we must admit this is much better than before...I am guilty of this one thing...I have said I was more confident when I was fat...what a lie? I just used my fat as an excuse not to care about what I accountability...

I have decided I will not go to plastics until I can accept me for where I am...NOPE, I dont like the wrinkles in my thighs or the hanging breast...I dont like the extra skin on my arms or my stomach...however, after all of that...what do I like about ME? The flesh cannot continue to be the measuring stick for your soul...dig deep and find those good things about yourself that far outweighs extra skin...I promise the sooner you can accept yourself for where you are, the better off making decisions to change the NOW you, will be better....

2013 is a new year, the year of the Open not allow foolishness, and old issues continue to hinder you from your rightful place....its nothing you can't do when you have the key to open the doors set before you...

No more beating yourself more lying to YOU...stop making promises to others you can't keep to yourself...this journey is narrow and very long..embrace it as a part of your life...if you fall...dust yourself off...get up and keep it moving...we all make mistakes and we will continue until we pass on...remember its not what you do, its how you respond...take the high road..this journey is not for the squeemish...

I encourage you to embrace YOU today!!! If you want to change you, change you, not because someone else thinks you should but because you are ready to "see" yourself different....

Happy New Years!!!


Happy New Year

Jan 01, 2013

I'm here to encourage each one of u reading this!  There is nothing stopping u but u! Don't allow any one thing or person, including urself to stop u from reaching whatever goals u have set for urself! No need to chant cliches, just make a decision to accomplish ur goals. There is not a goal too small or too big. U can do all things thru Christ who strengthens u! I'm not only speaking to u, but I'm speaking to myself as we'll.

One day at a time!!! Whatever u want, it's inside of u already. Connect urself to ppl who will keep u encouraged...we can do this together!!!!


I need your honest opinion

Dec 12, 2012

I honestly have not been to any support groups..not because I didn't think I needed them, I just never sought out one to go to.  That brings me to this, in an effort to put together a support maintenance program here in the Houston area, how do I find out if people are interested or if they "need" what I have to offer.  Those of us who have had the surgery all to well what affects (good and bad) the surgery has had on us.  I want to be able to be a total solution to the success of WLSers...complete with a nutritionist and weight trainers...your ideas and thoughts are most appreciated....I just need to know how to get these people's attention!


1st Step is to Confess- Just "SAY" It!!!

Dec 10, 2012

The first step to losing weight is to acknowledge the need to lose it..whatever your weights are...1st we have to Confess we are FAT (Finally Accept the Truth)...this has absolutely nothing to do with physical weight but everything to do with all the other "stuff" lets talk about it...J2SL (Journey to Self Love) Empowerment Support Group, coming to an area near you!!!


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