Day 6 BOT

Jul 16, 2015

very crabby today; but it is all mental.  I am not actually hungry and actually feel my pouch being smaller/can accommodate less food.  I feel full pretty quickly and that is enhanced as I am eating a lot of roughage/fiber, vegetable protein, whole fruit, water, etc. but the head hunger and desire to eat to feel pleasure...its there. I have not given into it - but definitely not making me pleasant to be around today.  Very stressful work week and peaking today and no cookie, crackers, bread with butter, or candy to appease and distract me.


Ultimately this is good...super hard change back to basics...but good.  Helps to just document it here. Part of what is happening is I am feeling more - I am not medicating with food or stress eating or getting momentarily gratification.  I feel more emotional. Feels like when I started this journey around surgery in a minor form....trippy.

Looking forward to weighing in soon to see how week one impacted me.  I think I have lost some water weight for sure so will celebrate if that makes the lbs lost go up...I will take the wins where I can get 'em.


Signed: Eating cabbage and feeling my feelings....good

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