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Hi All,

Tomorrow Marks 4 months Post-Op for me. My weight loss has slowed a tad but I am still losing so it's all good. Recently I posted about the amount of yardwork I am able to do and complete now versus the old me and since then with the w

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Howdy All,

Been a bit absent other than a few posts here and there. Down another two pounds and although my weight loss seems to be slowing now, I am still down another 6 lbs from last months totals. Slow but steady which suits me just fine.

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Another one bites the dust. Since surgery the Doctors have taken me off off

1/day ASA's (Not good for us now)

Fenofibrate - Taken off back in Oct 2016 when diet improved.

Xenical - So happy that one is gone

Ramipril -

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Today I am down another 4 lbs since my last weigh in on April 11th. Today represents 10 weeks post-op for me.

That makes my total loss 88 Lbs from when I started this journey at 404Lbs.

Other than the 22 pounds I lost pre-Opti on my o

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Hi all,

I am now 6 weeks post op and feeling fine. Yesterday I had my 6 week followup and 1st Post Op Class where we discussed Nutritian and Behaviors after Surgery. It was nice to sit with other folks that were more or less at the same stag

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So now that I am 5 weeks post op, all is well except for the two primary incision sites. Somehow they got infected on me and because of that I made a quick trip to see the Nurse Practitioner yesterday morning to check it out. They have been leaking

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Hi All,

Just a quick update on myself.

I am 1 Month post op today. My Pre Surgery weight was 354, today I am 334. Another 20 Lbs gone :-)

Starting weight was 382 when I got into the WLS program, heaviest weight was 404 when m

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Hi all,

So after encouragement to start using the App, I need a little help to set things up.

Being 3 weeks post op now, I think my target Calorie count should be set to around 600 Calories based on advice I have recieved from our fello

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Hi Everyone, 

I See we have a few more folks on the Losers Bench now.  Glad and Happy to hear most are recovering fine.

As for me, 

I continue to recover fairly well.   I basically realized that I was moving along too fast and t

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Post Op Day 8 (1 Week home)

Hope everybody out there is well and enjoying the new journey. Please remember reading this that we all recover at different rates and I feel very VERY Blessed to be progressing the way I am. I Journaled everyt

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Hi all, today was a good day in terms of tooting and a couple of almost undetectable BMs. Lol. By that I mean very small but hey..its progress. I went to Cabella's Ottawa for my day walk today and then walked the block this evening with my Wife and our

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I love the Vanilla but would really like to try the different flavors that are...

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Was asked the question but thought I would post on the main forum since my predecessors did the same, I found it really helped me prepare for the days after surgery. Just remember out bodies all act differently.

For me straight out of surgery I

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Arrived for my 11am surgery time, found out actual surgery was not scueduled until 2:40pm, but they could take me earlier which they did at approx 1pm. 

I woke up in around 4pm, was much more choherant by 5pm. Moved to my room at 6:30pm. Start

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I made it!!  21 Days of Optifast which in the end I don't really mind and was actually quite filling. 


SW 404lbs,  Weight before Opti 382lbs,  CW 354 measured at hospital yesterday.  28Lbs on Opti Alone WOW  :-)



Linda M. wrote 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Not long now. Best of luck in your upcoming surgery!

Readyjwc wrote 4 months, 3 weeks ago
One more thing....I make my own protein shakes with unflavored Unjury protein powder. Mix almond milk or Fairlife low fat milk, a little sugar free flavoring, ice or not, then blend. I hate all protein shakes - yuck. I also mix the Unjury with yogurt.

Readyjwc wrote 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Dagwood - best wishes for a great surgery and I'm sure it will be a success! Any questions - just post away. We're always here for you!

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Hi All, 

Just a little update on my journey.  I am 3 days into the Optifast Diet now, have to admit it's going better than I thought.  This stuff really does suppress my hunger.   I purchased Vanilla only because I was lucky enough to try one b

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Hi All,

Couldn't find a specific place to say hello with my first post so I apologize if I landed in the wrong forum.  Being it's an Ontario forum I thought this was the place.  Mods feel free to move it if there is a "new Members" area. 

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