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I'm at a point where I am not sure what to do. I've lost 149lbs since summer 2016 when I first saw the nurse to begin this journey. I'm 5'9 and now sit at 175lbs. It's insane to me! I have family members telling me not to lose anymore and that I'm "t

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I finally cleaned out my closet and looked into clothes I had been saving for when I had lost weight (for 9 years! Lol). Some weren't in style anymore and I ended up donating 8 garbage bags FULL of clothes from all stages of weights. It was an amazing

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Hi everyone,

I'm almost 7 months out and this month I've only lost about 5lbs but I've also enjoyed some treats (aka small ice coffee once in awhile, birthday cake because we have a few birthdays in the summer) more than I should or am used to

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Hi everyone,

I usually go to Ricki's to shop for clothes for work but I hate capri's and that's all they are selling right now. I really like the pull on pants.

Since my weight is slowing I'd like some nicer pants but don't want to spe

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So I hadn't brought much food wise to work and there is a Supplement King down the road. I had to go out to grab a birthday present for one of my son's friends so I opted to go in there. I always make my DH go into places like that because I've always

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I can't find a correct number and ext for Windsor and I'm at work. Can someone help me out please?

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Holy geeze! When I saw how many vials they had to take for my blood tests for my 6 month checkup next month I was shocked! Can't believe I'm only 1 month out from my 6 month follow up. Crazy how fast time goes, especially after having surgery! :)</

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So I have been doing great since surgery and have only had 1 stall for 3 weeks in March/April. Did really well mid-April to mid-May and boom... I've gained 3.5lbs from May21st till today. Nothing has changed. My eating habits, my work out habits - eve

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I've been having hair loss for almost a month now and this mornings shower ended up with a huge hair chunk that came out. I always get my hair bleached ombré style (once every 3 months) and I'm actually going in tomorrow for highlights for the summer

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ive been at the same weight for 3 weeks now. I wasn't able to eat almost anything except for soft foods and liquid up until last week. So I'm assuming that because now I'm eating actual food and more calories is that why I'm in a stall and can't get ou

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In in Toronto for training this week and last night and today I have been eating normal food! I'm so happy. Small little portions that I've had to explain as "I'm a small eater" to my new co workers. They seem to accept it. I've had 3 normal food meals

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I'm in my first stall. I haven't lost anything for 2 weeks. I'm also really grossed out with food now and don't really want to eat anything but soup. I don't like chewing. I am just grumpy throughout this stall as well. I just want a big plate of na

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i had told my husband that I always wanted to fit into something from lululemon and I have! Bought a size 12 (the biggest they have and it fits big) but still! It was on, wasn't too tight and it was awesome. Lol

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I'm so annoyed. I knew my tastebuds would change but NOTHING tastes good or appealing to me anymore. I hope this doesn't last long because I take 1-3 spoons of food and then throw it out because it's nasty. I end up grabbing a spoonful of peanut butte

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So I'm a month out. Some days everything is fine but lately more often than not If I eat anything of substance, Turkey deli meat, cheese, eggs even now, chilli I feel like it gets stuck and I end up throwing up the foamies and mucous. I sit and eat slo

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I had told a few people at work that I trusted about my surgery.  One even came with me to orientation and I trusted her not to say anything.  I have told people yes but I've also told them that it was my secret and I would tell people when I was ready

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Went back to work today.  Stayed from 930-230 and I'm exhausted.  I feel crappy and weak.  I sit at a desk  lol sucks. 

Thankfully my boss and coworkers are supportive and understand if I have to go home. 

This is the least energy and m

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Rny all done.  I'm at St. Mike's and doing OK.  Had a bunch of Nausea last night.  Slept till midnight and then was up every 30-60 minutes. Either with pain or having to pee. I have 8 incisions.  I also have been peeing blue and green.  Lol I'm allergi

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I'm having surgery a week tomorrow and I'm trying to plan if my husband needs to come back on Tuesday for me to go home since the release time is 11am and we are 2 hours away or just on Wednesday.  We have 2 small kids and I like to plan ahead to find

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My whole family is coughing and I'm 2.5 weeks away from surgery. Does anyone know if we can take oil of oregano while on optifast? I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Really hoping to avoid being sick and having surgery postponed after 3 week

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Surgery set for January 16th! 

I start optifast on Monday. Crazy to think 4.5 more days until opti then Surgery.  

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I'm excited.  Dietican and social worker both approved me on Wednesday!  I have my surgical ed class the 24th. 

I know I meet the surgeon from St.Mikes by video but how long Is that generally after the surgical ed class? They said I would buy o

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