I will say it again!!!

Jul 02, 2010

Hello to all my new friends and my old ones.....I want to list a few things that I know are important while on this journey...the other night I was driving in the pouring down rain and it was at that time God used that rain to minister to me...this is what was revealed....
if you are in a storm and its pouring down raining, I mean zero visibility.....it is pouring and you want to pull over because you can not see...you know where you are going but you can see how you are going to get there.....DO NOT pull over and stop in that storm...I repeat, DO NOT pull over in that storm...keep moving, no matter how slow you have to go....put your hazards on, get over in the slow lane and keep it moving...you know why?  Its not raining everywhere....if you pull over in it you get stuck in it...whatever your it is, you have got to keep moving thru it. Just a small distance away, its clear as if it was never raining...you dont have to look back or wonder how you made it thru just keep moving...so many times in this life we want to try to figure "it" out when in all seriousness, God only wants you to keep moving and trust Him that all things work together and not matter how bad it may seem it will work out for your good....

Dont try to compare yourselves with anyone.  I have only lost 103lbs in 11 months...Did I just say "only" I so apologize for that.  I could have easily erased that word and you would have never known that I struggle with the mere fact that so many others have lost so much more than me...SO WHAT....no matter how much you have lost, I can guarantee that it was more than you had lost this time last year or even last month...dont get stuck with trying to compare yourself to anyone else cuz you ever know what that other person had to go thru to get where they are....

Dont beat yourself up...if you fall get urself up, dont dwell on it, we are in recovery just like so many other types of addicts and this journey will last for the rest of our lives.  I have my closest friends and family begging me not to lose another pound and honestly after 1 month my stall is over and I lost 3 lbs last week.  I'd love to tell them that I'm not going to lose another pound but I am trying to get off 13 more pounds.  I tell them with love, I have a goal to acheive and thanks for their support...

Learn to love yourself like nobody ever can....if I dont say anything else in this blog I want you to know that it is so important for you to love yourselves....I struggle so bad with this...I know that I am better than I have ever been in my life, but because of all of the abuse I have self-inflicted, its hard to embrace the change...if you are preop, start loving on yourself now...if you are post op and struggle with this, start today.....look at yourself and tell you that you love you....aint that something, even if you dont mean it right now, do it...im not telling you this just for show...i have to start doing this myself because if you dont stand for something you will fall for anything and I'm so sick of falling....

I know this was long but I love you all and want you so badly to be successful.  Some ppl have made this process seem so easy but its not but its worth the every emotional dip you will experience, I promise!

Be encouraged yall!!!!


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