I Got My New License

Elisa *
on 12/17/07 10:54 am - I.V., CA
Hello all, I had to share. I updated my license and finally got the new one in the mail today. I could not believe the difference. Is that really me? LOL...check it out! I posted pictures in my blog. p.s. I will not let the board die!! LOL Come on guys...helllllppp meeee. Elisa
on 12/18/07 3:13 am - Harlingen, TX
You look awesome Elisa! Congrats! I need to get a new one too. Every time I have to show it people comment on how different I look now.
Elisa *
on 12/21/07 10:01 am - I.V., CA
Thank you Loretta! That's exactly why I had to get a new one...people always do double takes and comment on the weightloss. I feel so happy and proud but I'm at a point where I just want to feel normal and not have the weightloss be a topic of discussion anymore. ~Elisa
Tony Hackworth
on 12/19/07 7:18 pm - Prestonsburg, KY
WOW !! what a difference! I still need to get mine updated...It's kind of a reminder how far I've come though when I show it to people, Take care, You look great!
Elisa *
on 12/21/07 10:03 am - I.V., CA
Thanks Tony! I know I saw the huge difference too. Like I said in my blog...I was astounded by the difference. I keep my old one in my wallet...it will always be my little reminder...plus not to mention I have a bunch of old pictures too. Happy Holidays!!! ~Elisa
on 1/5/08 2:35 am - Skinny Land, CA
HOLY CRAP!!!! What a difference! You are so beautiful!
Goshdarnpeople *
on 1/17/08 9:43 pm - ...did I mention it's hot here?, FL
Hey there! Gratz to you!!!! My licence still floors me. I get a new one in August. I'm going to see if they will cut it off for me so I can keep the photo of the old one around, to remember where I came from. Gosh
on 1/29/08 4:40 am - Anahuac, TX
I just updated my badge at work.. It was too funny. I still need to do my license.. I just dread that...
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