on 4/14/11 10:37 am, edited 5/8/11 3:02 am - San Francisco, CA
Hey Friends!
So, I thought it would be fun to have a central spot for everyone to kind of find Surgery date buddies...I know that most of us (myself included) have posted threads, but this could be a comprehensive thread of everyone's surgery dates!

I have a bunch already that were posted earlier in the month...so, here is the list I came up with...I figured it could be a fun place to send well-wishes and good vibes for all of us APRIL LOSERS!

(please let me know if you don't want to be involved, I just figured that since everyone posted already, it was common knowledge...hehe..and its FUN!)

ok, the list I made:

Stephanie K.----------------April 4
HETSB-----------------------April 4
4EvaMil----------------------April 4
Lori S. -----------------------April 6
Debya6257----------------April 6
Donna C.-------------------April 6
Jodi--------------------------April 6
Dee2011-------------------April 8
TXDiva27------------------April 12
mdelarosa-----------------April 12
shunrio---------------------April 13
Lisa--------------------------April 13
Wendy G.------------------April 13
Twinmom07--------------April 14
evilelf-----------------------April 15
sarasar7-------------------April 18
Billie Jo--------------------April 18
ladyalic--------------------April 18
sarinajean----------------April 18
Rana-----------------------April 19
Kiesha---------------------April 19
jhgelliott-------------------April 19
glmglb---------------------April 21
Kelly P.--------------------April 25
maggierose--------------April 26
remembrtherain--------April 26
Cheryl---------------------April 26
miranda------------------April 26
ToDream-----------------April 27
joycelynsmom----------April 27
Katiekeane--------------April 27
Shevondolyn-----------April 29

So, I want to wish all of those recovering, speedy, UNEVENTFUL recoveries, and everyone waiting (like me), get pumpedddd!!!

Please check in if you have a date to add to the list, I'll check back regularly and update!
All the best, friends!

Katie Keane in New

on 4/15/11 5:42 am - NY
Katie Keane
Lap Band 4/27/11

Start liquid next week.  Looking for pre-op
advice, input and COMFORT {Ha}

Katie Keane
on 4/15/11 5:47 am - San Francisco, CA
 Yay Katie!! I added you, welcome! I'm starting liquids soon too, we can do it together!
Katie Keane in New

on 4/15/11 6:15 am - NY
Thank God an answer.  I'm not long using a computer.
I was reading my material & had missed my Dr.'s support
group this month. All of sudden a light went " DUH "
look on computer.
Are u having Lap or Gastric?
Thanks for beinhg a light out there!!!

Katie Keane
on 4/15/11 1:12 pm - TX
Deby Calvert
My surgery date was April 6th

Thanks for your support - I'm looking forward to tracking with my soon to become buddies/ partners in crime. We are a band of people going through the same thing at the same time and need support to get through the good times and the trying times! 


on 4/16/11 11:22 am - San Francisco, CA
 yay Deby! I hope you're feeling better and things are going well, you're 10 days out, how are you doing wih everything? my surgery is in 10 days...eeeeeep. 
(deactivated member)
on 4/16/11 3:03 pm - AL
on 4/16/11 11:50 pm - NJ
What a great idea!
I didn't even think of going on the "Aril FOrum" until I saw your post over in the RnY forum!
My name is Jodi, I am from NJ.
I had my RnY on April 6th.
Down a total od 30.5lbs (approx 10-12 prior to surgery).
Please add me to the list - I would love to connect with my April Losers!!
I am feeling really good, following everything my surgeon/nutritionist says to a "T".

on 4/16/11 11:55 pm - San Francisco, CA
 Jodi! Welcome!!! So great about your negative pounds!

I grew up in NJ. I'm only in SF for school. I grew up in South Jersey at the beach....oh how I miss it..

Keep us posted! I'm so excited for my surgery....9 days away!!
shevondolyn P.
on 4/17/11 5:21 am
Hello My Name is Shevondolyn I will have the labband April 29 start my liquid diet today.Looking for pre ob advice & suggetions.Thanks
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