HELP! What do you eat!?

on 9/25/09 12:07 pm
Hey guys I am a lil over 4 months out from gastric bypass surgery and down 74 lbs

But I did back slide a bit on eating.... i really never have got enough protine or water in....

So my question is about how many calories should i be taking in a day????

And what kind of food do u all eat.........

I need simple meals.

I am a full time mommy and wife  haha and i also work a full time i do not want to be standing over the stove or oven forever! hahahaha.

Any suggestions??

on 9/27/09 8:11 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
Here is what I normally eat...

B= protein bar (18-30g protein depending on which one)
L= Tuna (2-3oz) with mayo & pickles on 1/2 slice of 45 cal sara lee bread)
S= protein bar
D= 2-3oz lean protein with veggies
S= 1tbsp peanutbutter on whole wheat crackers

I am gettin a min. of 60g. protein a day and about 1000 calories. Some days I do better than others.

I also make a lot of soups with beans & lean hamburger. Once a week I make a pot of beans. When I eat out, I get grilled chicken or a taco and eat the filling with cheese and toppings. I make a lot of tortilla pizza's with the mission low carb tortillas.
There are days when I want a big ole fat cheese burger, but HA I cant even eat more than a bite without feeling sick!

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Trish C.
on 9/28/09 1:28 am

I get in about 800 - 900 calories at day.

B - protein shake, 35 grams of protein
L - 3 - 4 oz sliced turkey breast and 1 oz. cheese, rolled up, 24 - 30 grams protein
S- (only if I am hungry) South Beach High protein bar, 10 grams protein
D- 3 oz meat plus some veggies and maybe a tablespoon of starch, 24 grams protein

Breakfast and lunch are real simple, you can modify the lunchmeat for lunch for variety.

Dinner is whatever I make the family and I just pick and choose what I eat.

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on 6/1/10 10:02 am - Modesto, CA
I'm a little over one year out, and at goal's what i eat:

B coffee...gotta have eyes won't open without
    8 oz 2% milk
    4-5 oz cottage cheese (so sue me, i LIKE cottage cheese)
    2-3 oz fruit (usually applesauce cause it's easy)

AMS 4 oz brown cow yogurt
         half a banana

L 2 mozzarella sticks
    half a banana

PMS (oooh, that doesn't sound good!) 8oz 2% milk
          half a bagel w/cream cheese

D 4 1/2 - 5 oz of some form of protein (chili is good, has complex carbs)
    2 1/2 - 3 oz fruit or veggie

this gives me over 60 grams of protein a day...i also drink about 80 oz of water a day and take my vitamins, of course...never miss the vitamins...i still measure my food (but i don't weigh it) and i read labels carefully...

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Goal Weight: 135
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