What has changes the most in your life?

on 11/10/09 6:20 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
Hello May'ers
I wanted to pose a question now that we are about 6 months out.

What has changed the most in your life?

For me, I think the thing that has changed the most is Attitude! 
I don't feel sick and tired all the time now and I am taking care of ME for the first time in my whole life. I can see a whole new life and future coming into view. Don't get me wrong I had/have a wonderful life, but now I can do more things that I had not even considered before.
Before WLS I would of NEVER walked into a gym and climbed up on the equipment. Now I am just like all the other people there. I don't feel like the fattest person in the room anymore (hey I might be, but I don't feel like I am!)
I am very thankful for the 2nd chance at life I have now. I know that it will just keep getting better and better.

So what has changes for you since WLS?

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on 11/11/09 1:57 am
I'm going to have to give this some thought.  My weight (even at 400+ pounds) never stopped me from doing anything.  Okay, maybe I couldn't go skydiving, or SCUBA diving or some other activity that might have a weight restriction...but those are never things I wanted to do then (or now).  Traveling on an airplane would have been a bit hard, but I rarely travel so that wasn't a big issue.

You mention not feeling sick.  I have lupus, so I usually feel fatigued and have joint pains - weight or no weight.

Then again, I currently use Darvocet for pain management (pre surgery, I used prescription ibuprofen...and I used it several times a week) of the lupus aches and pains.  I have gone weeks without it.

My CPAP machine setting has been reduced 3 notches (from 9 to 6).

My blood pressure meds were stopped 1 month post-surgery. 

I go to the gym minimum 5 days a week.  Okay, so pre-surgery I didn't exercise much and surely didn't belong to a gym...but my weight didn't keep me out of the gym.

Maybe the attitude has changed a little.  I've always had good self-esteem, but now I've been told I "glow".

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Trish C.
on 11/11/09 10:07 pm

My attitude was always good, but I am a bit more outgoing and probably approachable.

I still scan a room when I enter to compare myself to others, and now find I am not the fattest person in the room anymore.  I also notice that there are alot of bigger people out there and I always think to myself, don't they know that there is an option.

The biggest change is my relationship with food.  I no longer spend alot of time planning meals and cooking, or deciding where to go out and eat.  I basically leave it up to my family and then have what I can.  It leaves alot of free time left.

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on 11/15/09 11:25 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
As shallow as it sounds it is an AWESOME feeling to NOT be the biggest person in the room!

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Kelly S.
on 11/16/09 9:12 pm
Well, six months ago I sure as hell wouldn't have even thought about getting up at 4:30 in the morning to work out with my hubby~!

Mostly I am doing things that I couldn't do before and enjoying them. Like walking, going to games, going to the races.  I couldn't do that stuff before because I couldn't walk very far without a lot of pain.  Now I'm in pain, but that's because of the exercise! LOL

Also, sex with my hubby is enjoyable again. Even with all the loose skin.  Before I could barely move and couldn't really participate.  The biggest thing is that my kids say I'm a lot more fun now and I don't have to worry about breaking toilet seats and chairs anymore! 

20 pounds lost during two week pre-op diet.

on 11/17/09 1:17 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
That is AWESOME Kelly! congrats on your loss so far!

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