7 months out and feeling Great!!

on 12/17/09 11:44 am - Cypress, CA
I am just about 7 months out, nearly 80 pounds down and feeling awesome.  I have not been a super fast loser, but a decent pace it has been at least for me.  Here is a picture just before, and tonight....

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on 12/18/09 5:28 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
You look fantastic! Congrats.
I am a slow loser too, but it has been for the best I think. I have had no complications and my gall bladder thanks me for not frying it by losing too fast! lol

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on 12/23/09 1:46 am - Harrisburg, PA
Wow, you look awesome!!

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on 12/27/09 10:58 pm - Greensboro, NC

Great job!! You look great. I have also slowed down on dropping the weight... but I have patience! Keep up the great work

Sara C.
on 12/31/09 10:47 pm - Belding, MI
WTG, I just hit my 80 lb mark too! Excited with that! So far so good!

Thanks for the update

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on 1/4/10 1:46 am - Baytown, TX
You Go Girl!! 

I am 7Mts. out and terrified that I have lost all I am going to lose.  I have hit a plateau and  I'm worried.  I am down 115lbs.  I am truly happy with my loss, just not where I want to be.

on 1/6/10 2:19 am - Dunedin, FL
You go girl! You look great! Doesn't it feel good?  I was a litle bit faster of a loser ( like veryproudmama)initially, so I plateau a lot more now - I typically don't lose lbs except for maybe 5-6 per month, but the inches are still moving pretty steadily.  I don't know about you guys, but  it still takes me a little bit by surprise to see pictures of myself now or look in the mirror to realize how much smaller I've actually gotten. At the same time, it is SO HARD for me to look at old pictures of me from, say, a year ago. I actually refer to myself back then as "that person". I never realized how much my weight was actually weighing me down psychologically, I guess I never realized how unhappy I was.  People tell me that not only do I look healthier, great, etc, but that my internal "glow" has returned - no more sad eyes.  Little things like that get me from time to time. 

I'm amazed that I can run now, and chase my son without getting winded.  I have to ask my walking companions to increase their speed so that I get a good cardio work out - this blows my mind in that I was one of those people that would never run unless someone was chasing me, and even then, only if I thought I was in real danger, LOL. 

Good job, everyone, and lets keep up the good work! I still want to lose another 25 lbs to get me to my personal goal weight, but people are now starting to question if I really need to lose that much more - I assure them that there is still plenty of fat to melt off. Trying to tone as much as possible now.   Those of you that are losing a little bit slower - build your muscle, take your time - everyone's body is different and just stay the course. It will come off,  just follow the rules the best you can.  Lastly, if you falter, just pick yourself up and start again where you left off. 

Oh, and Happpy New Year! This was the first year I didn't resolve to get my ass in gear and lose a bunch of weight - I'm already on my way, so there were no "bummer" resolutions - they were all moreso fun ones like, "to have a more adventurous 2010", etc.  

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