Almost 1 year surgiversary.....

on 4/5/10 5:24 am - Milford, NJ
Just wanted to touch base and see how everyone is doing? I had my surgery May 19, 2009. Last I weighed myself, which has been a few months, I was down 49lbs and 27 inches. Needless to say I'm not quite a happy camper. While I will take alot of responsibility for my weight loss slowing down, have not exercised all winter. I do get all my water in, altho lately I'm having a hard time eating anything. I'm just not hungry and food makes me nausea. Take yesterday, I had my protein shake in the mid morning, a glass of oj when I woke up, then a salad for dinner, that's it.

Is anyone else struggling or has struggled since their surgery?

Plus alot is going on at home, so my head hasn't been in the game either!

Thanks for reading....

Everything happens for a reason..Just believe...

on 4/6/10 9:54 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
I have not lost as much as I hoped, but I will say I am happy with where I am and I am close to my goal of 160lb. I think it is all about making the changes and looking at it as a journey that never ends. I am in the process of doing consults for plastics, my  tummy needs to be tucked (it will make exercise easier) and I am hoping to have that done plus a Brachioplasty the end of May. I never wanted to be 130lb (like a 5'1" woman should be) I am more a 150-160lb body type and I am happy with the results I have gotten with my RNY.

I know with the band it is a longer process to get to goal, so keep on the right path and I am sure you will make it to your goal.

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on 4/6/10 11:22 pm - Milford, NJ
Thank you for responding EODWIFEY.....the band is a longer process, which I knew going in. I guess I'm just in a slump these days.

Good luck with all your plastics!!!

Everything happens for a reason..Just believe...

on 6/1/10 11:08 am - Modesto, CA
I had surgery May 1st, 2009...I'm doing at (or actually, a little below) goal weight.  I think one of the keys is to keep to a schedule, mealwise.  I know if I get thrown off my schedule I have a tendency to have a hard time.  I'm wondering if blood sugar (as in low blood sugar) might be part of your problem.  If I didn't get some protein it would make me feel icky...and sometimes I have to eat even when I don't feel hungry, cause if I don't my blood sugar will take a dive and then I'll feel positively yucky.  Just a thought.  I still eat very small stomach will only hold about 6 - 6 1.2 oz, so I still measure my food.  If I take just that "one more bite" it will make my stomach hurt.

Change of did you get your weight loss ticker to show in your signature?  I can't figure that out.

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on 7/8/10 6:05 am - Lakeport, CA
Hey Kimi! Congrats on your success so far! I have been struggling as well for months. I had surgery on 5/9/09 and I have lost 50 pounds and want to lose 50 more to get to goal. I feel as if getting to goal is out of reach for me. I have had alot of adjustments, both up and down and as of now I have only slight restriction. I feel great and better than ever, but I feel stuck. How have you been doing since you posed this a few months ago?

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