BEWARE.... You must drink your water....

on 1/13/10 12:38 am
So, I went to my first Tango class last night.  It was a relatively easy class, I only broke out in a light sweat.  In the other classes I've taken I'm drenched when its over and I'm downing water nonstop during and after class.

Well I learned the hard way you need to get your water in no matter the level of your work out.  In the wee hours of the morning I awoke with such pain I thought I was going to die.  I had charlie horse type cramps in both feet, shins and calves.  Now, I've been taking dance classes in Salsa, Swing and Cuban Rueda (really hefty dancing) for almost a year now, so I couldn't figure out why I was in pain.

The pain was so bad I was yelling out as if I were having a baby.  Any slight move would increase the pain... I'm talking severe pain.  Finally, my daughter called the paramedics.  My toes were curling, my feet were arching, my calves and shins throbbing, I just wanted to cut my legs off it hurt so bad.

Turns out, I was dehydrated.  Never mind I drank a soda (...yeah I know!) before bed.  I was still dehydrated.  After gulping down 64 oz of water, my legs returned to normal.



on 1/14/10 8:48 am, edited 1/14/10 8:49 am - Maricopa, AZ
I have been having mild, yet painful charlie horse cramps in my legs for several weeks now.  My Mom mentioned to me that it might be dehydration, but I didn't believe her.  Wow! I'm awful at getting my water intake in too. I guess I better step up!  Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you're OK now!
on 1/15/10 12:52 am

Try adding Crystal Lite to your water, it may make it easier.  Leg cramps on no joke!

Have a great day!


on 1/18/10 8:52 am - Brooklyn Center, MN
 That Is So Weird I Have Been Having The Same Pains At Night.  Nothing Seemed To Help.  And I Was Not Drinking My Water.  I Was Thinking I Needed To Drink Milk And Take My Calc.  But I Need To Get Back On Track With Everything.   
See Ya All Lighter,
on 2/19/10 3:39 am
How's tha****er intake?


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