TOLD you wigs were fun :-)

Elizabeth N.
on 11/5/11 12:38 am - Burlington County, NJ
Happy Halloween!

The college sweatshirt is not the most figure flattering garment ever invented, but oh well. It was still fun.

Blank Out
on 11/5/11 12:44 am
 "like"  ;)
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on 11/5/11 12:52 am
I love the blue!
Elizabeth N.
on 11/5/11 1:16 am - Burlington County, NJ
I was in one of my usual supply places getting wig caps (which are like little pantyhose for your hair, only they last a little longer) and saw that goofy thing in the window. It was the last one and on sale, so it came home with me.

That was Saturday, so I had very little time to think about any further costume bits. Next year will be more elaborate :-).

on 11/5/11 3:30 am
You better be posting those more 'elaborate' ones then:) oh and by the way the photos below, i love them. good choice on wigs! one for every occasion! love it
Elizabeth N.
on 11/5/11 1:36 am - Burlington County, NJ

Continuing the PW a bit to show off a few of my varying hair styles:


on 11/5/11 2:08 am
I love the short sassy do in #2 with the gorgous magenta sweater!!
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Elizabeth N.
on 11/5/11 3:46 am - Burlington County, NJ
That sweater is one of my best-ever yard sale finds!

on 11/5/11 3:51 am
The short sassy style is my favorite in the second picture.  How tall are you Elizabeth?

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Elizabeth N.
on 11/5/11 3:55 am - Burlington County, NJ
Somewhere around 5-7, but I look a LOT taller sitting down. All my height is from the butt cheeks up.

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