Bonnie D.
on 11/5/13 4:24 am - Kettering, OH

So, I went to the doctor yesterday to complain about the gas I've had...then I tell him it occurs with every food. He'll get that from sugar too!!!!

WHAT???? Is this something new; did I miss something????? I had this surgery so I could have a more normal life! I don't eat a lot of sugar so it's not a big deal, but I do like rice noodles and brown rice; I'm still a protein girl...but WTH?????

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on 11/5/13 4:27 am - GUTTENBERG, NJ

my gas is actually better after surgery....


It may be the way you are drinking.... and have nothing to do with the food... Water makes me burp now...never did before... 


Carbs and sugars....really just just give me loose stools...

on 11/5/13 4:43 am

Some folks say probiotics work quite well.  It couldn't hurt you to try them.

T Lady
on 11/5/13 4:52 am, edited 11/5/13 5:02 am
You really didn't know that about sugar going into the DS? When I first started reading, I thought you were being sarcastic.

My gas triggers are pretty much any carbohydrate other than veggies. I stay away from rice and rice noodles, they give me gas. Sugar and flour are the biggest culprits. If you don't eat that much of it anyway, then it's no big deal, but it is sneaky! If you are having enough gas that it made you go see your Doc about it, then I would do an elimination diet and give the probiotics a whirl. You might be surprised by the dramatic decrease in gas once you really kick out the white stuff. If you are still having gas with the elimination diet and probiotics, it could be that a round of flagyl is in order. Good luck!

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on 11/5/13 9:12 am - Philly, PA

Yup, too much sugar does me in too. I am also a very gassy person since the DS.   Then about a year ago, I mixed up my probiotics, added a gas defense pill, and stuck to a Greek yogurt regimen. It was a match made in heaven.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I still have some gas, but no where as bad and painful. 

I hope you find some relief soon.



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on 11/5/13 10:27 am - AL

Carbs cause gas for me and I wasn't the least bit surprised.  The biggest culprets for me are wheat gluten, sugar alcohols, and sugar.  I can eat corn (in moderation) but not the least bit of flour.  When it gets really bad I know my flora in my gut are out of whack and I take a round of flagyl and get back on my probiotics and Greek yogurt.  Helps some, but there is always some gas.~Becky

on 11/5/13 12:16 pm - Chicago, IL

I am ALWAYS gassy. I figured maybe it's the equal so I just bought sugar yesterday. Now you're saying it's sugar. I drink tea all day long. Now what




on 11/6/13 6:18 am - Nashville, TN
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It is sugar and artificial sweetenerS for me,plus white flout products.




on 11/7/13 3:28 am - London, United Kingdom
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Equal's bad for gas. Try stevia which is the best option for your guts. Splenda is slightly less well tolerated than stevia but much much better than Equal and it's more palletable.

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Lyss Remaly
on 11/6/13 5:09 am - Wheeling, IL

I FINALLY figured out that DAIRY was what was making my gas so bad and my stomach make those crazy noises!!  Once I totally cut out dairy from my diet (including creamer in my coffee which was the hardest habit to break) my stomach noises are a MILLION times better and the gas is way down and not as stinky!



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