Diabetes Type 1 - Diagnosis since the DS surgery?

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(Okay, I realized I was a little paranoid, on this post)  I was just trying to figure out my symtoms..sorry)

Hi Every, well its been a few days and it appears I have those stomach gurgles under control.  I was taking the extreme High dosage of probiotics and it appears that it was just too much bacteria moving around in my stomach.   This is definitely better to deal with now.

However, a new concern, but I will get an expert to check it out. I wonder if a GI doctor can diagnosis my symtoms as well.  But anyway, since I came off the high dosage of probiotic and reverted back to my lower one and now have included Metamucil to firm the stool, I have been tired, sometimes feeling dehydrated,and sometimes constantly urinating.  I wonder if its just my bacteria levels are off.  I know I have been having shortage or breath as well, caused by possible too much Acidosis which has effected my teeth.  I'm wondering is this Bacteria thrown off, or truly Diabetes 1. 

Please chime in if you have some input. Thank you!

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No help here on if the symptoms might be caused by the changes in diet/pro-biotics just a few suggestions about
checking for diabetes. Adult onset type 1 is fairly rare. If you are concerned the first step would be to get a tester
and strips to see what your fasting level would be. When I was diagnosed with type 2 I had sustained high levels
before I had the frequent urination. If you have high levels, have your Doc do a Hba1c blood test to see the average
for the last couple of months.

Could be a lot of things for frequent urination - any reason you jumped to type 1?


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Thank you for responding Pete!

The symptoms of diabetes include:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Frequent urination( This could be coffee and me drinking so much, but yesterday I did a little activity and I was lethargic)
  • Weight loss( Since I got off the probiotics, I have lost 9 pounds, but my eating has change, plus taking the Metamucil..definitely no appetite)
  • Increased hunger (actually decreased)
  • Nausea and vomiting ( Got this when I did not not have a meal in 4 or more hours)
  • Irritability ( Not really)
  • Extreme unexplained fatigue (Yes I get up early around 4:30, but that is no excuse for me being so exhausted around 7, that I take a nap, and wake back up...within a couple of hours)  However, it is exhaustion,...

My main concern is the exhaustion, with the extreme high dosage, I am not exhausted...not sure, I will have to give this a feel.

Plus BEFORE getting on the high dosage of probiotic, I took a reading last year in October  and my glucose level was 63, when I did another reading in May it was 81. 

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Like I said there are a lot of things that could be causing your symptoms. a variation from 63-81 is perfectly normal and 63 is actually 
pretty low.

From my own experience high numbers causing the thirst and urination would be above 160. Mine was initially in the high 200's when I had those

A doc could figure out for sure. Just giving my thoughts based on my own experience - consider it or not - always up to you.

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Thank you Pete, for giving me some kind of relief.  I actually thought low numbers outside the range meant TYPE 1, and High numbers pass 100 meant TYPE 2.  I guess my thought process is incorrect. 

However, after work I am going to go to CVS and have it check and I have a doctors appointment Friday after work.    Question, will they be able to get a understanding of my condition if I got get my number checked after work at CVS, or will it be incorrect because I already ate and drank something?

Thank you!

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Plus didn't mention the numbness on the top of my middle finger.

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this doesn't sound like type 1 to me. I would think it is all more diet or lab related. What is your typical die in a day? I know you said you have no appetite and not eating alone can cause fatigue. What about your liquids? Are you getting 64+ oz of liquid a day? Dehydration can cause fatigue as well.

your blood sugR readings of 64 and 89 are in the normal range for fasting and non fasting. If you had type 1 readings would have been way higher than that ,consistently.

wht about your labs? Are you. Having them draw and tracking the yourself? Many vitamin/mineral decencies cause the exact same symptoms you are having. Many of these issues can become permanent if not identified and corrected with supplements. 




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Thank you Holly, for reinsuring me.  Like I stated above to Pete, I actually thought any number below the recommended range meant you had TYPE 1, and anything above 100 meant TYPE 2. 

I think the answer is somewhere in my digestion.  Because one I take all those freaking billions of probiotic I do not have these symtoms.  But I gain weight, bloated and gas.  Since I been off the high dosage I have lost 9 pounds, plus I am able to change my diet.  I use metamucil to help my digeston system and it could be curbing my appetite. 

I will try to get my sugar check at CVS today. 

Thanks a million for responding back to me.   It could be unbalance in bacteria, so I really need to make a GI appointment so they can check my system in the inside, and to confirm if I have acid reflux.


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Hi Holly Kim,

Thanks for responding.  Unfortunately my diet is not consistent.  But since I lower my dosage of the probiotics, my system seem calmer, and I started adding metamucil in my protein shake in the morning.   The metamucil is must like reducing my appetite which I am happy about because I need to get 6 pounds off this rump.  Overall I definitely get in 64+ oz's of liquids a day. 

As I feel good today, I feel my reaction was a little paranoial, however I still feel I tend to sleep too early.  Last night I went to bed at 8:30, which is too early, but I do have to get up at 4:30.  Since I turn in so early I tend to wake up in the middle of the night. 

I'm thinking I probably do need to start drinking more water, and I take all my vita/minerals at least four times a day...I tend to follow Vitalady plan. 

The only labs I have not recieved recently are:   My insurance will not cover.  But I definitely take my vitamines, all the other vitamines look good.  My vitamin D is at 50, and my cali****erum is at 9.8.

Test Results Needed
Vitamin A, Serum
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)
Vit. B1, Whole Blood
PTH, Intact
Vitamin K1
Vitamin B6
Folate (Folic Acid), Serum
Uric Acid, Serum
Magnesium, Serum
Calcium, Ionized, Serum
Copper, Serum
Zinc, Plasma or Serum

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Nothing in those numbers that indicates any type of diabetes.

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