Vitamin Toxicity!

on 6/2/17 8:40 am
DS on 02/13/12 with

I had my DS from lapband performed 5 years ago, and have struggled to reach goal - which is still 40 lbs away - despite being vigilant with protein, carbs, water, etc. I just got back my annual labs, and all vitamin levels are off the charts! This has never happened before. I have searched online for current recommended vitamin supplementation for DS surgery, but cannot find one. Could someone post it here? I know I super-absorb calories, fats, I obviously need to cut way back on my vitamins. Please, could someone share their total daily vitamin regimen, so I can compare? Thanks!

Valerie G.
on 6/2/17 8:42 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I've never heard of such a thing. Before you do any drastic changes, I would re-test first. If they mishandle your blood, the test results can go completely askew.

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Donna L.
on 6/6/17 1:52 pm - Chicago, IL
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Yes, this happens more than people want to know, probably. Some vitamins are also light and heat sensitive and the results can be ruined if handled properly.

One time I experienced a mix-up. My thyroid is at 5% function of normal so my labs are always (ideally) mid-range. We got back labs that said I was through the roof hyperthyroid instead. Also, my cholesterol was like 350, which it wasn't even when I was over 700 pounds. It turns out they had switched my bloodwork with that of another patient. I was much happier with my 106 cholesterol that was the actual number...

Always better to recheck labs before doing anything that would affect nutrition, too. Few vitamins are actually toxic in huge amounts, anyway, and I honestly have never seen a DS patient with numbers that are too high other than B6, because apparently some calcium comes with B6, and it's easy to overdose that way, I guess. I had a client at one point who developed neuropathy because of this. That is super rare, though.

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

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on 6/2/17 8:49 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

I agree with Valerie. It's hard to imagine in one year all your labs are so high they are off the charts. Can you give us some comparisons from your labs last year and your latest labs? Pretty strange.

It's not really clear why your absorption would change from 4 years out to your stated 5 years out.

For what it's worth here is what I take:


Multivitamin - Centrum, Kirkland - 2 daily
D3 - Biotech, 50k 2 daily
Calcium Citrate -1500 mg - 3 doses
Zinc - 30mg, 2 daily(60)
B12 sublingual - 500 mcg, every other day
Vitamin C - 1000 mg
Vitamin A - Biotech, 25k units, daily
Magnesium (Glycinate) - 100mg -2 daily
Vitamin K - 1000 mcg, daily


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on 6/2/17 9:05 am
DS on 02/13/12 with

The doctor asked how much vitamin D I take. I take 50,000 Vit D daily. The blood test registers high at 70-100. My blood serum was +130. She was horrified that I take 50,000 units of Vit. D a day. I have not gotten a copy of the tests yet, so I'm going by what she said:

Vit B levels came in off the charts - 800 is high, mine was over 1800.

Vit A and E were also high, but she did not specify. All of my other levels were okay - aside from my BIN which was elevated.

So...I should request a re-draw of my blood? I'm not sure my insurance will cover it, but I'll see.

Thanks for your input!

Beam me up Scottie
on 6/4/17 11:00 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
I take 150k of D per day...100K of A, 1200 of E, and 3000 IUs of K1 and that keeps me in the "normal range".

NOW i will say that things have gone up and down over the years. I'm about to lower my D to 100k D per day 3 days a week and 150K 4 days a week. Because my levels are approaching the 90s (up from the high 40s several years ago). I cut out my daily B supplement for the same reason.

When was the last time you had labs? Usually their are trends, you have to track them yourself because Drs do not.

on 6/5/17 6:13 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

You understand 4 vitamin levels high are not all your levels are off the charts right?

Which vitamin B levels were high? If it is just b12 that level is not a concern. More an issue for the other B's. Lots of us have over 1500 but if you are taking extra b12 you can cut back to every other day.

Find out how high A and E are, if they are just over the top range you may want to stand pat or cut back a little.

For vit D at 130 you are higher than most people would be comfortable with but there has been no issue for D toxicity. I would go back to every other day. I'm happy to have my D in the low 60's or high 50's.

This doesn't sound like you need a redraw. Just adjust but
GET THE NUMBERS for all your tests and compare to a prior set.


on 6/2/17 9:32 am
RNY on 08/21/12

If it was almost any other surgeon, I'd question whether you actually had a DS at all. This is really unheard of. I hope you get it figured out.

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on 6/2/17 9:39 am
DS on 02/13/12 with

My sentiments exactly. I have explained the DS to my gp countless times, and she gets it. But if these numbers are correct, it's as if I don't have the DS. I'm not very happy.

on 6/2/17 9:44 am - bay area, CA

Do get the labs rechecked, as others have suggested. Also, contact Dr. Keshishian, even though it's been so long since you had your DS. He is very dedicated to his patients and will help if he can.


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