on 5/4/12 12:49 am - Murphysboro, IL
Hi peoples !! I havent been on here in a very very long time. Im 5 yrs out with the RNY and am currently looking into information about getting a revision. Its been so long I dont even know what route to take to get this started. Can anyone please offer me some advice ? thanks !! :)  

Dixie Lee 

on 5/4/12 1:40 am - Manteno, IL
Hi there,
I'd see Lisa's post just below yours and probably call you insurance company right off the bat to see if they would cover the revision, and if so, what hoops you may need to jump through for them.  Just my thoughts, anyway!  Good luck!
on 5/5/12 12:43 am - Murphysboro, IL
 THanks ! Ill get right on that Monday Morning :) 

Dixie Lee 

Nancy G.
on 5/7/12 10:21 pm - La Salle, IL
There is a Revision forum.  You may want to also pop in that and talk to the people undergoing the process for approval and those who are scheduled for revision.  I have monitored that site off and on as I too am thinking about a revision. 

    Cat Lady

on 10/26/12 2:56 am - Murphysboro, IL

I havent found any useful information as of yet, so I went to a seminar and found out the local bariatric surgeon does do revisions and my insurance is paying for them. Reviewing on a case by case basis without any real criteria as of right now. I have a consultation appt with the surgeon on November 8th :)

Dixie Lee 

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