Some advice please

Elena Ramon
on 12/3/15 6:37 pm - Chicago, IL

Hello everyone!

I have recently run into something that is becoming worrisome for me and I'm hoping to hear any thoughts on the matter.

A day or two ago I weighed myself and I was down to 246.something I can't remember. This morning I weighed myself and I had gained weight to be 248. I weighed myself again a few minutes ago and am now at 248.8! I don't know what's going on, why I'm gaining weight. I am quite literally baffled.

I am to be two weeks post-op tomorrow, I'm still on my liquid diet and even though I can technically move on to full liquids, they haven't say as well with my stomach so, for the most part, I'm still mainly on clears. But I try to get my 64 oz of liquids; it was hard at first but I'm getting closer every day. All juices are sugar free, and I will fill a 25 oz pitcher about 1/2 with juice, 1/4 with water and use the rest of the space for ice. I'm sipping this throughout the day and drinking the melted ice too. Sometimes popping a few to chew on. I will have chicken broth or bean broth, both of which are low sodium, for lunch. In the evening I will usually look to my stomach and how full I feel to guide me towards water, juice, broth, or something a little thicker like oatmeal or jello. Mostly it's the former items since by then I'll have sipped a lot of liquid and am not terribly excited to "eat" more. I rarely have the jello though, because it's so filling, although ironically I'm having one now. I can get about 2/3 of it down before I feel full and done, the rest is consumed about an hour or so later.

I will admit that I am having some trouble with the protein intake. Shakes are so unappetizing to me and I try to add in ingredients, but I feel pretty limited since I don't have many ingredients to add without it bulking up and getting a smoothie-like consistency. AKA too thick for me. Otherwise, I'm not snacking or eating anything I'm not supposed to.

So my question, again, why am I gaining weight when I don't get past 300-400 calories a day? I'm not measuring, just estimating an average. Should this be something I worry about or is it normal? I'm so confused, please help!

crystal M.
on 12/4/15 9:06 am - Joliet, IL


I don't really think this is true weight gain...meaning gaining weight from eating too many calories.  I think it's practically impossible to gain weight from 300-400 calories.  Your body burns more than that just maintaining it's normal functions...breathing, digesting, walking...even sleeping and sitting.  It's probably water weight and will go back down once your diet consists of more than just liquids. 

Just in might want to keep a food journal and keep track of everything that goes into your mouth.  Possibly you are getting more calories than you realize. 

As far as not measuring.  I would.  As an experiment once I spooned out what I thought was a 1/2 cup.  Boy, was I way off.  I was closer to a cup.  Which doesn't sound like much but my calories just doubled!!!!  So that was enough to convince me to measure. 

If the weight gain persists you can call your surgeon's office and see what they advice.  Or talk to a nutritionist...they may help.   


Good Luck

on 12/5/15 7:51 am - IL

One of the worst things you can do is weigh yourself. Do not do it more then 1st a week. It will drive you crazy.




Elena Ramon
on 12/6/15 10:01 am - Chicago, IL

Thank you for answering!

I have a cup hat fits exactly 4 oz. I usually fill it to right under the rim and drink what I feel is necessary from there, sometimes it's the full ~4 oz and sometimes it's less, but I will take your suggestion about measuring my liquids with more precision to see where I'm at.

And I have weighed myself yesterday, I am down to 244! Which is great but I see now the stress of weighing myself every day or every other day causes. Do not want to go through that again! So I will weigh myself Tuesday because that is when I have my post op appointment with my surgeon and then keep it schedules for Friday's only; mostly because it feels like a good day.


Best! ~Mucho amor y Paz!~


on 12/7/15 11:23 am - Rock City, IL

AND......if you are using unflavored protein, you can mix it into your juice.  Two birds with one stone!  There is also a protein brand called "Nectar" that has many juice-type flavors, as opposed to the chocolate shake types.  These "Nectar" brand proteins are good alone or mixed with Crystal Light.

I don't drink fruit juice as it has way too much sugar for me.  Crystal Light?  Oh yeah!


Tell someone that you love them!

Elena Ramon
on 12/8/15 8:23 am - Chicago, IL

Woah, that sounds really good actually. Protein shakes always sort of grossed me out because I feel like they're all milk based or taste like milk in some way; not a fan. But I love juices and fruit flavored waters. Will DEF check them out.

on 12/7/15 11:23 am - Rock City, IL
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