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Elena Ramon
on 12/25/15 4:49 pm - Chicago, IL

So I never foresaw this being an issue, and I don't think it's actually that bad, but I'm out with my family now in downtown Chicago. So far the only thing I've allowed myself to eat that doesn't come from either my kitchen or a yogurt/applesauce cup is decaf coffee no cream with 2-3 splenda sugars.

Anyway, my family decides they're hungry and we all head over to McDonalds. I'm not necessarily bothered by this mind you as I have a plan on ordering a Non-fat sugar free ice vanilla latte; except they don't have anymore. I don't eat anything since I just don't trust myself with being barely a month and some days out and I'm still on mostly purée to soft foods.

No, the issue is that my family now feels terrible, I guess, because I'm not eating while they are so they keep offering me their food or to get something for me. I try to tell them that it's ok, I can wait until I get home, but now it's gotten to this awkward silence where I think they're embarrassed or guilty eating...? I dunno, has anyone else run into this with your family? Any thoughts?

on 12/25/15 8:10 pm - Bradenton, FL

Hi Elaina,

I have the same problem. I hate going out to eat!!! It intimidates me. I never know what to order cause I don't know what they are putting in it. Hidden sugars, hidden carbs ect. 

So I tell family I'd rather not go out.

Here is a hint for Mickey D's get their yogurt parfait, it's just enough. And I get iced coffee little half and half and three splendid. Don't let them tell u they don't have it cause they do!!!!

Chicago for me is food hell!!! It's very hard for me when I'm there. And I'm there often!!!

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on 12/30/15 9:07 am - Rock City, IL

I know I am late chiming in, but maybe I can still help a bit.

I think you did well.  You could have ordered a hot decaf and added Splenda and been fine also.  If you like vanilla flavor, ask them to put a shot of the SUGAR FREE vanilla syrup in the decaf.  They will be happy to do that.  Iced tea, unsweetened is also fine.  The only other thing "safe" at McDonald's might be the scrambled eggs.  I don't know if they would make you just an egg, but in a pinch, I've ordered a breakfast burrito and just eaten the inside, or a McMuffin and thrown away the muffin.  I used to order a Big Breakfast, and share with my son.  I ate a bit of the eggs and he got the rest.

I don't know about the iced latte, but a hot latte has 15g of carbs and I would guess that an iced one will have more.  Still high on my plan.  I also would not eat the fruit and yogurt parfait at Mickey D's as it has 30g of carbs, many of those sugar.  That is more than I can handle and at one month out, you should definitely not try it.

Unfortunately, Micky D's is just not a great choice.  

As for your family and friends, they will adjust eventually.  This is new to them also.  Just fill that silence with lively conversation to change the subject.  

Happy New Year and New YOU!


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