Monday Roll Call

on 4/4/16 4:48 am - IL

Happy Monday to All. Birds are chirping away. ans all is good.




crystal M.
on 4/4/16 11:59 am - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

I had a bad experience with my contacts this weekend.  I tried a new brand and they were really bothering me but because we were out I left them in until we got home.  My eye looked a bit blood shot and irritated.  When I woke up in the morning my eyes were completely red and crusty.  I thought I had pink eye!!!  I went to the eye doctor and it turns out I had a bad reaction to the new contacts.  So no contacts for 4-6 weeks.  My eyes still look irritated.  You can actually see where the contacts were on my eye ball.  There is a circle around my iris!!!  Can you believe that!!! Only me...I am so sensitive and allergic to everything!!!

On the good side I tried yoga for the first time and I loved it.  It was much harder than I expected.  By the end of the hour my leg and  arm muscles were screaming.  There's also a lot of stretching which felt good.  And you know how I have had issues with my hip hurting at night.  Last night for the first time since last August I slept the whole night with no hip pain.  I slept so good I didn't want to get up this morning!!!

I think yoga is good for my hips!!!

Well...time to get back to work...have a good day all


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