Thursday Roll Call

on 5/25/16 6:09 am - Rock City, IL

Good morning Illinois!

I seem to get busy and forget to stop by here, but I try.

Nancy---Give Rick my regards and tell him I am thinking of him (you both, actually) and sending healing energy and strength.  Glad to hear his homecoming is on the horizon.  Unfortunately, I have no job advice.  I DO know that I love my job, working in the office of a day care facility.  The kids' smiles and antics keep me on my toes.

I have been to just about every doctor possible (except for heart) in the last month or so.  I had terrible headaches for 3 weeks and though they have subsided, the doc wants an MRA to check for small brain bleeds.  My degenerating back and neck are so painful and the meds she gave me aren't helping, so an MRI to make sure it is nothing more than arthritis.  Then, possible injections.  I know that the back issue will get better with weight loss, but injections may help until I can get it off.  They don't seem to know why my blood work is so off either.  SO.....I broke down and made appointments with my surgeon and his team.  Maybe I should have started there, we will see.  I will be seeing the surgeon, the dietitian and the psychologist on June 6.  The MRA and MRI are on June 1.  I'm tired of seeing doctors with no results.

Besides that, my life is good.  I love my job, Liv is home and my boys are basically behaving.  I got some planting done on Sunday and will do it in small increments.

Crystal, I am so jealous (and happy for you) that Gregg will work out with you.  That has to make it more fun.  You know, though, that maybe you aren't supposed to lose another 30 lbs., that may be why it is so difficult.  You look great and are in great shape, so maybe your body has found its, "happy place", so don't fret too much about it.

That's about it for me this am.  How about you?


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crystal M.
on 5/25/16 1:59 pm - Joliet, IL

Hello there...

I have been issues with pain too but with my left hip.  The problem is that it only bothers me at night and I have a terrible time sleeping.  I went to the doctor yesterday and he prescribed me steroids and a pain killer.  He said its not the bone because when he flexed my hip around he said if it was my bone, that would have caused me a lot of pain.  He thinks its inflamed muscle or tendon.  Next step is physical therapy. 

We went to All State Arena last Friday and I was amazed at how small the seats were.  I mean if you have just a little too much "junk in your trunk" you won't fit in these seats.  I just barely fit.  Which brings me to this.  Just a few seats over was this lady and her husband.  She was about the size I was before I lost weight (maybe 350lbs)  She was not fitting in those seats.  She had just a small portion of her bottom on the seat and looked so uncomfortable.  I kept flashing back to when that would happen to me.  I felt so bad for her.  Needless to say she left before the show even started...I don't know what she did.  Maybe stand outside the doors.  How sad for her. 

Well I'm off.  see ya later 

on 5/26/16 5:28 am - IL

Yuckers! I just looked at the weather map, we are on the very eastern edge of a big old mass of rain and storms. It is also getting dark and windy.

I have one more day to work (Tuesday) and I will be off for the summer. I have a list of things I need to get done, we will see, we will see.

Dawn, I hoe you start to feel better. You do what you can.

Crystal, you are lucky with Gregg. The 2 of you fit together so good.

I am now getting thunder and lightning, I think I will get off the computer,







Nancy G.
on 5/27/16 4:01 pm - La Salle, IL

Good Afternoon a couple days late.    I got some time on here and thought I would give an update.  

I got a call from my last employer, the work at home for Office Max, asking me to come back.  It may not be full time (they do not want to pay benefits) but I told them I do not need them as I have my own insurance.  Surprise, surprise, surprise,  Office Depot's people overseas are not able to handle the calls.  So they are bringing people back.  We tried to tell them that but they would not believe us at the time.  LOL.  I am considering this offer because  A.  I still have not found anything working from home, and B.  I did love the job and C.  It would start fairly soon.  

So I may be back in the workforce shortly.  That is great news.  I guess I am a glutton for punishment to consider going back and letting Office Depot fire me a third time.  

I dont know if I said anything.  Smokey ran away from home and found a new home.  It is a block and a half away.  I talk to his new mom almost every day.  She loves him as much as I do.  I am waiting to get a cat proof fence installed, and then plan to bring him back home.  Right now I just go and visit him.  The couple of times I have tried to bring him home he comes in the house, eats treats and heads out the back door.  The catio has proved to not be cat proof.  The cats keep creating holes and escaping.  So we are having to go to plan B.  The funny thing is Nibbles goes to see Smokey almost every day and cons him into going exploring with him.  Those two are best buds. Smokey lives outside at his other house and I am not really comfortable with that.  

Rick had a slight set back because they stopped physical therapy on him so he has to work on standing again.

Dawn, could you possibly be having migraines?  I had a headache often on for about 6 weeks until it was diagnosed as a migraine.  They had to get the cycle broken before I got permanent relief.  Now I take medicine to prevent them and it really helps.  The other possibility is nerve entrapment in your neck.  I get that a lot and I get headaches and pain running through my shoulders and down my arm with it.  I sure hope they get to the bottom of it.  

Crystal, you sure have found your soulmate.  Greg sounds like he is the perfect match for you.  I am so happy for you.

Lisa, I hope you are enjoying your free time now.  

Everyone have a great weekend! 


    Cat Lady

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