I'm home

on 8/20/11 11:36 am - Canada
Hi Everyone!
I'm home! I had my surgery with Dr. Reed on Thursday August 18th and everything went good. After surgery they were having a few problems with my blood pressure dropping (it dropped to 78/68) and my oxygen levels kept dipping into the 70's but its seems to have resolved itself now. I also had a spike in white blood cells but that seems to be gone as well. Overall, I am feeling okay..I'm happy to be home thats for sure. I have had a couple" why the hell did I do this" moments but I know once I start feeling better I will have a better outlook. Well I'm off to hit the hay..soo sleeepppyy..A special thanks to Laura S. for being my angel!!!!! And thank you to everyone on here for all the love and support!!
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on 8/20/11 11:57 am
Very glad your home...have a good rest, everything will be better tomorrow

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on 8/20/11 12:21 pm
Welcome home!
Megan M.
on 8/20/11 1:06 pm - Canada
Good to hear you're home and on the mend.  Take things slow and easy.

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on 8/20/11 1:21 pm - Canada
Welcome home...here's to a smooth recovery going forward.


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Linda S.
on 8/20/11 1:37 pm - Canada
So glad your home home and OK. Welcome to you new and exciting life> enjoy!
Thanks, Linda
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on 8/20/11 2:14 pm - Pickering, Canada
 So glad to hear you are home! I had a few complications also and a few of those moments, but now almost 2 weeks after surgery I feel great!
As someone said to me, a bad start to a good thing!

on 8/20/11 3:12 pm - Ontario, Canada
VSG on 02/29/12
Good luck on the rest of your recovery - may it go smooth, and quickly!

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Susanne S.
on 8/20/11 10:17 pm - London, Canada
Glad to hear you are home and on the mend
laura S.
on 8/20/11 11:19 pm - London, Canada
So glad your back in the comfort of your own home!  So much nicer healing at home than sitting bored out of your tree in the hospital huh?  LOL 

Keep sipping, walking and tooting!  LOL