Hi Everyone..just a little update!!

on 9/5/11 8:28 am - Canada
Hi Everyone!!
I hope you all are doing well.. It has been a little while since I posted about my progress, so here I am..I will be 3 weeks post op on Thursday and I am feeling AMAZING!! The first week was hell, I won't lie..It was really tough for me..I ended up with a small infection in one of my incisions so when the staples came out my incision popped right open. I went to the hospital to get it looked at because my family doctor has been on holidays for the past 3 weeks..while I was in the hospital waiting room I ended up blacking out (sprawled out on the ER floor) I woke up on a stretcher and i was terrified.. Turns out I was severely dehydrated and my blood sugar went wayy low..so I had a full work up done and they pumped me full of IV fluids.. I was released about 6 hours later and it was a real eye opening experience for me.. made me really take a good look at my situation and get serious abou****er and eating...Now enough with the crappy medical stuff..As I said I am almost 3 weeks post op and I went through a week long stall but the stall is over and I am officially down 31 lbs and 30 inches!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!! I am starting to see a slight difference my stomach is shrinking, my thighs are getting smaller, my boobs are disappearing (my fiance is devastated but I'm happy..I hate my big boobs..they are heavy and get in the way..lol), my CHINS are getting smaller..lol..and I just feel a little lighter..I am feeling back to myself now and can't wait for the future!! Thank you to all of you for your support!! I can't wait to share more little victory's with you all in the future!!!
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on 9/5/11 8:33 am - Windsor, Canada
 Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely start getting my intake under better control. I am 3days post op and feel horrible. I know it will get better, one day at a time. 
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Gwen Boldick
on 9/5/11 8:53 am - Canada
it does get better...i am three weeks post op to.....i was in alot of pain for two weeks until i got the med changed and than shortly there after the pain went away....i am on my fourth week out and doing great.....i am eating some foods and drinking alot of water...i find warm water goes down better for me smooth my tummy out......i wish you the best of luck in ur journey.....
on 9/5/11 8:35 am - Athens, Canada
Keep up the good work and I wish you continued success on your journey.
Linda G.
on 9/5/11 8:38 am - Burlington, Canada
Congrats on the awesome weight loss! Hard way to learn about the importance of fluid intake though. Hope you haven't bought the wedding dress yet! (ie. reference to fiance)
on 9/5/11 9:02 am
Wow, that was soooo fortunate that you were in the emergency room when you passed out!

Glad to hear that you are experiencing some NSVs in inches lost (including the girls).


on 9/5/11 1:52 pm - Canada
Wow you are doing awesome. I am just one week postop today and I was just curious is the 31 lbs including optifast or just since surgery. I know everyones weight loss is different and I am not comparing just curious. Keep up the good work
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laura S.
on 9/6/11 1:58 am - London, Canada

You are doing awesome!!!!  Sorry to hear about your hospital visit, but glad you are doing ok now!  31 lbs!!!  wohooo!!!!!  I'm curious if that is since surgery or includes optifast as well.  If that's since surgery I'm jealous as hell - I'm totally stuck   :(    Either way though...  YAY FOR YOU!!!!  Good job!