on 5/12/12 6:48 am
Monday I start Day 14-27 it says I am allowed 100ml of hot cereal..I went to the store and there is a million different types of hot cereal, Does it matter what kind I get and is that oatmeal or cream of wheat?? Can I get flavored cereal??
on 5/12/12 7:17 am - Hamilton, Canada
The most important thing is to get something without sugar of any kind.  That includes "Sugar Alcohol".  I just got a plain old bag of oatmeal and made that.  Cream of Wheat is fine, too, but again (see above re "sugar").  Don't get any boxed style (Quaker) as they are very high in sugar, calories, carbs and probably sodium.  Remember the old addage:

KISS:  Keep It Simple, Silly.  (or "Stupid" - depending on if you're talking to children or not).


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on 5/12/12 7:32 am - Marathon, ON, Canada
RNY on 02/02/12
i like the Blue Menu single serve packets of oatmeal. I just used the last packet so I can't comment specifically on the nutrition. I get the unsweeteded (ie: not the one with added fruit!) I make one package with 1 cup of milk. If I finish the whole thing - I usually can't- it's 14 g of protein (with the milk). I nuke it for 3-5 minutes until it gets to the consistency I like. I add a bit of Splenda and I love it.

If you choose to go this route and cook it with milk, make sure you use a really large bowl as the milk bubbles up considerably and will make a mess of your microwave.
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Monica M.
on 5/12/12 9:28 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
oatmeal or cream of wheat. Flavoured kinds likely have sugar in them. That's not allowed. You're much better off having plain, and adding your own sweetener, like splenda or whatever.
on 5/12/12 10:37 am - Canada
You can do quaker 100% whole grain oats quick oatmeal. there is no sugar in it. fast to make in the morning.