Texas Star Amerigroup Medicaid surgeons

on 4/7/17 9:17 am, edited 4/7/17 1:47 pm

Hey everyone! I'm Ashley and I live in Irving. I'm trying to get gastric bypass or the gastric sleeve done. The problem is I'm a broke college student, a single mom amd I only have Texas Star Amerigroup Medicaid.

Is there ANY surgeon that takes Texas Star Amerigroup? I tried calling the surgeons listed in a thread that seems to be outdated. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

on 9/4/17 9:56 am

I have the same insurance try this company they help me out twice with the lapband belightweight.com

on 1/23/18 5:42 pm - Dallas , TX

I called them and they said they don't.

on 1/24/18 4:40 am

I know a dr in Dallas that will do the lap band

on 1/24/18 4:44 am

Yes dr Watson at UT southwestern in dallas

on 1/24/18 6:35 am - Dallas , TX

Does he take Medicaid?

on 1/24/18 8:10 am

well this is how well this is how I got to know my Dr through my mother I receive medicare which is the red white and blue card and also I get Medicaid Amerigroup I got to Dr Watson at UT Southwestern in Dallas because I got my lap band the first time through a website called be light.com I had to fly to Detroit get the lap band the insurance cover it but you have to pay for your own flight from that point on I got one Dr Watson he does except I insurance so he done my lap band for $6.12 then I had so far but he is very very good I have no complaints I went from 200 to 20-lb the first time I dropped all the way down to 154 then I have to have it replaced in 2013 now I'm a hundred and Seventy-Six lb I'm happy on my way I am losing a little bit more but that is how that is and also I found a doctor who does breast reduction I'm having that done as well so if you'd like his information let me know and I hope that does help you

on 1/24/18 6:39 am - Dallas , TX

Never mind he doesn't take it either. This is so frustrating.

on 9/14/19 5:27 am

Hi, were you able to get your surgery? I see you haven't been on here in a while. I'm about to get mine and I have a great surgeon in FT worth who takes that insurance.

on 3/17/20 1:52 pm

Will you provide me the doctors info. Thank you

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