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I am 2 1/2 yrs out and finally thinking of getting a medical alert bracelet. My problem is I am allergic to nickel so can't get a cheap one. I mostly wear gold anyway. Where can I order one for a reasonable price and what exactly do I need to put on it. I had an RNY.
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on 4/4/11 12:22 pm
Hi there, I have one that I ordered right after my surgery in 08.  I never take it off and it has been great and held up.  They are not cheap but I feel that it is necessary.  I ordered mine from  They have lots of styles and they look nice on.  There are also dog tag style.  They even show sample wording for the alert part.  Mine has my name, RNY date and states no blind NG or NSAIDS, multiple allergies, see back of drivers license.  Hope this helps.

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I got mine from They are reasonably priced and they are made of stainless steel (which I don't believe has nickel). Laurens Hope is great but pretty pricey. Mine says:

My name
RNY Gastric Bypass
No Blind NG Tube

Edited to add:  If you do want gold, try
on 4/4/11 1:13 pm
While other places may sell medical alert bracelets, only one place, MedicAlert really stands behind theirs with 24/7 service in case you can't speak. Not only do you have the ID, you also have a person with your medical record who can communicate with emergency professionals.

And to be honest, there aren't many of us who can fit EVERYTHING, meds included, on an id tag. Medic Alert is world wide, been around for over 50 years, and does not depend on just what is on your tag. It has an entire profile beyond what is listed on the tag that is available for emergency personnel. Mine has all my meds, all my surgeries, my pcp, my bariatric surgeon, three contacts, my pharmacy, beyond what is on my tag.

No way I could fit all that on my tag. Mine is stainless steel with a Gold titanium setting and mine is a necklace cause a bracelet makes me nuts. The only time it leaves my neck is when I shower. Mine has the traditional medical insignia but unlike most of MedicAlert's standard ones, mine isn't red. I didn't like the red so I opted for one that looked more like jewelry. And it's not that expensive for what you get.

I've been a member of MedicAlert since 1980 or so, long before I even thought of surgery. I had other issues, we've just update mine thru the years to keep up with me.


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I have had a medic alert for years, I am allergic to nickel and wear a sport band.
Basically a Velcro band with the medallion attached. Here is the link They have the sport band for $19.95. It is worth the investment for the peace of mind alone!

Good luck
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This may not be what you are looking for but mine is a CareBand.  You can get it at Walgreens for about 20 bucks.  It is a thumb drive that caries you medical history, including things like you latest labs.  The draw back for me was that their program will not allow me to upload things like op reports or extra photos.

I like this because it can be accessed by PC or Mac, but it does have to be set up on PC.

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I too am allergic to nickel. Even though it may be hypoallergenic, I cannot wear a watch or any non gold/silver jewelry. I therefore like the silicone (also known as rubber) medical id bracelets because there is no nickel.

I also have not had any problem with silver or gold jewelry. Most times gold and silver will cost more, but I found this cute, dainty medical id bracelet if that is what you are looking for. It was originally $35 and it is now on clearance for $15. Here is the link.

I also found a lot of information about medical jewelry at

I hope this helps,