New Primary Doctor. X post

on 8/25/11 10:31 am - Live Oak, FL
I had been have some issues with my primary doctor this past year. Not wanting to do blood work, trying to prescribe NSAIDs for my knee and back (arthritis), hard time making appts to name a few. The doctor knew that I cannot take NSAIDS due to WLS. Each time she prescribed them, I had to tell her NO, I can't, and explain why. The nurse has it listed on the first page in my chart that the doctor sees, but she still does it. I was time to do blood work back in June, she didn't do it. Her reason, since my blood work turned out ok last year, don't need it for another year. WRONG!!

There were some other issues, but had enough. Started with a new doctor today. First thing out of his mouth,we are doing blood work today. I want u back in 6 weeks for more blood work. You will have blood work every six months. We had a long talk about my WLS. Come to find out, he has several patients that have had either RNY or Lapband. Very knowledgeable. Finally a doctor that is willing to help, and knows what he's doing
 It's a great day to be alive.        
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