on 11/21/11 11:41 pm - Graham, NC
 im over 18 months out since my bypass surgery.
for the past 2-3 months I've been throwing up almost every night after eating. gallbladder is fine but doc wants an endoscopy done
haven't had the time to get it done yet with work being the beast it is this time of year.
anyone gone thru this? any suggestions?
any and all input appreciated!
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Dave Chambers
on 11/20/11 11:59 am - Mira Loma, CA

Get the test done. Barfing every night isn't good for you. Take half a day off before your weekend and have the test done.  "Not having time.." isn't an excuse for your health.  Too many post here that they didn't have time for labs or exercise and then complain about issues that are the end result.  DAVE

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Elizabeth N.
on 11/22/11 6:32 am, edited 12/31/11 7:05 am - Burlington County, NJ


on 11/22/11 11:32 pm - bay area, CA
Get the endoscopy. We can't fix this for you, and neither can your doc if he/she doesn't know what's causing the problem. Get it done before your pouch and/or esophagus is permanently damaged from the vomiting.
So Blessed!
on 11/23/11 12:16 am

1. You're vomiting daily. 

2. Your doctor has advised you to have a test to diagnose the problem. 

3. You don't.
4. You come to an Internet message board to ask for advice.

on 11/23/11 4:59 am - Graham, NC
I can see from all the remarks here that I've failed to mention I do have one scheduled. This was only an attempt to see if anyone had been thru this and what I may experience. but I should have known that the majority of the random people who would respond, much less the over 100 that read it, wouldn't know.
Sorry to have brought drama into your lives.
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