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on 2/13/12 7:54 am - Austin, TX
My brother Dr. Garth Davis, from the TLC show Big Medicine, has a new Facebook page at

He'll be posting diet advice, exercise tips, and other general health information. It's great for bypass/lap band patients, those thinking about bariatric surgery, or anyone who wants to live healthier.

He's also now on twitter at @drgarthdavis

I hope you'll like/follow him for great information!
Emily F.
on 2/13/12 9:06 am
He lost me when he said he didn't eat meat. I doubt many bariatric patients will take the time and energy needed to get adequate protein from other than animal sources and may follow his advice with out understanding their bariatric needs are faaaaaaarr different than his. (though I am sure there are some that are responsible and committed to getting their protein from non animal sources)
on 2/15/12 4:51 am - OH
I don't know how many bariatric patients are vegetarians or not.  I am and I get plenty of protein, about 90 grams most days.  Plus, it doesn't really matter to me if my doc is a vegetarian or not - my surgeon was not, but the fact that he ate meat did not mean I have to eat it, and if your doc was a vegetarian, that would not mean you would have to be one too.

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on 2/13/12 10:20 am - Collierville, TN
 Love his take on nutrition and his honesty regarding how much he was taught in school.  I am certianly going to follow his blog for a while!!!

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Gina 21 Years Out
on 2/13/12 6:17 pm - Burleson, TX

"Little D" wasn't my surgeon, but I have the utmost respect for him. I have met him, on several ocassions, and the opportunity to have some great conversations.

He loves his wife, his kids, his career, his patients-all qualities I find very he has a great sense of humor.

He DOES think "outside the box", and I have to stretch my brain and "comfort zone" , but reading/talking to him doesn't to him doesn't mean I have to blindly follow everything he says-nor do I think he expects me to to. I love hearing new things-but I still think I know what works for ME.

I absolutely will checkout his page. I miss "Big Medicine".

Thanks for the info

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