Latte's: Yes or No Way?

on 1/6/13 5:39 am - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
I love my latte in the morning, driving to work but I have been told recently that the sugar in milk is too much to offset the protein gained from it. I hate eating in the a.m but I love drinking my a.m latte and thought it wad a good source of protein. Is milk too high in sugar to consume in place if breakfast?
Bette B.
on 1/6/13 6:19 am

(shrug) I have them all the time. Skinny, with skim milk.


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on 1/6/13 6:25 am - Canada

I too love mine, one a day, decaf and non fat...perfect! I think as long as like anything you dont overdo it your fine


on 1/6/13 7:21 am - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
Does skim have the same sugar content as 2% ?
on 1/6/13 8:04 am - Sacramento, CA

Yes, both 12 grams a cup.


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Bette B.
on 1/6/13 11:22 pm

DECAF? (gasps in horror . . .) 


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

on 1/6/13 8:18 am - CA

Have you tried them with unsweetened almond milk?  Silk makes one that has 1 carb per cup.

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Valerie G.
on 1/6/13 9:14 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Milk does have a good amount of protein, too, and if you don't suffer from lactose intolerance, as long as you're not using the flavored syrups and such (there is SF options, which are fine), I don't see a problem with it.  You can always play with skim or soy milk as alternatives, too.  I go for half and half or straight cream, myself for less lactose (DS malabsorbs fat)

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on 1/6/13 10:24 am - Collierville, TN

Grande non-fat Latte girl right here. :-)   I add a sprinkle of cinnamon and pink packets to make my mornings better!   I used skim milk all the time in smoothies, coffee, tea, whatever.   I always count them in my food log, and have had no issues. 



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on 1/6/13 12:27 pm - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
Thank you so much for the feedback. My nutritionist once said that dairy sugar is different then other sugars, not as bad...I'm not sure I believe it but I like my latte so I'm hoping its true!
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