What is the average calorie intake at 1 year?

on 1/12/13 12:26 am - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
I am 10 months out and not losing weight. I don't know how many calories I should be consuming. I had the VSG and am taking in about 1,300-1,400 a day. Is that too much?
on 1/12/13 2:00 am

Depends on how tall you are, your gender, and how active you are.  But if you aren't loosing weight, you probably need to increase your activity and cut back on your calories.

on 1/12/13 3:24 am - OH

I was eating about 1200 calories at one year out.  I ate about 1200 until about 18 months out, when I was 20 lbs below my goal weight and wanted to stop losing.  Now, I eat about 1500 calories to maintain my weight.

Whether it's too much for you or not depends on your weight, activity level, metabolism, etc.  When you say you're not losing, how long have you been at the same weight for?  Stalls are normal.  But you may need to cut back on the calories or increase your exercise a bit.

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on 1/12/13 4:19 am - Granada Hills, CA

Considering you are relatively close to your goal, 1300-1400 could very well be your maintenance range calorie wise. If it were me, I'd probably cut back to about 1000 cal/day, add some exercise, commit to that for 4 weeks, and see how it goes. It will requrie to pretty much weigh/measure and track all your food pretty religiously so that you get a very accurate account of your intake. 

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on 1/12/13 2:29 pm - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
I have been at the same weight for 5 weeks. I am glad I'm not gaining weight given the holidays but now I gotta really cut out the junk food! I am trying not to get too upset because in the past 2 months i have navigated my birthday, Christmas parties, work Christmas parties, New Year's, and a new job with out gaining weight, so that can be celebrated, I think! Still, I despise my self for all the addition if unnecessary carbs :'(
Mary Catherine
on 1/13/13 10:30 pm

That sounds perfect to me.  The easy formula for weight is to multiply your goal by 10 and then eat that number of calories per day.  Your goal is 150 so you will maintain easily on 1500 and lose on 1300-1400.

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