Sip-timer that can run in background in iPhone?

on 3/12/13 12:38 pm - Portland, OR
RNY on 02/26/13
I need help remembering to constantly sip water.

I've found an ok sip/bite timer app, but it doesn't run in the background. I'd (NextBite) like to find an iPhone app that does run in the background so I can still use my phone for other things and get reminders to sip.


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on 3/12/13 10:32 pm

I just sip every few minutes out of habit and before I know it  my water is in. Good luck. Let me know if you find anything.  

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on 3/13/13 2:41 am - NC
RNY on 02/26/13
Waterlogged works well and you can adjust the reminders very easily

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on 3/14/13 1:31 am - NM

Where is the Waterlogged site.  I would like to find it and check it out.


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on 3/14/13 1:47 am - Irvine, CA

This is pretty cool    

Thanks for sharing!

MyLady Heidi
on 3/14/13 2:07 pm

I carry two 20 ounce cups filled with ice tea or iced water, lemons and ice every morning to work and fill both a second time through out the day and always finish at least 80 ounces during my 8 hours of work.  I keep filling the cups after I leave and always have them with me, even now one cup is in bed with me.  I have taught myself to constantly take sips all day by this method and I have been at goal for years.