Hospital issues

on 4/2/14 10:39 am

Hello everyone, I recently got approved for my gastric sleeve surgery YEAH !!!! but having issues scheduling it. I had to wait a week just to get a call, missed the call and now can't get a return phone call. My hospital only has one person I guess who does the scheduling and she never answers the phone and never returns phone calls as I've left her previous messages in the past regarding another issue. Not sure if I should just relax and wait it out and be patient or if I should just keep calling to let her know I'm serious about my surgery and I want to get it scheduled. I was told my hospital schedules surgeries on a first come first serve basis so I feel I might be missing out. Not sure what to do and pretty depressed about it. I wish they had better service for their patients. Any input would be appreciated. It's been a rough day. Thank you.

on 4/2/14 11:41 am - Margate, FL

I'd take a trip to the hospital & speak with her in person to schedule. I'd ******vous wreck imagining how many ppl were being scheduled ahead of me. Lol.....go get scheduled 

Cathy W.
on 4/2/14 11:50 am

I agree with kdiva, go to the hospital and try to get a face-to-face with her.  If you're there in person, it would be more difficult for her not to schedule you.  Patience may be considered a virtue but in this case, I'd pay her a visit.

Good luck!

on 4/2/14 9:46 pm - OH

How long have you been waiting for a call back?  If it's just been a day or two, then I'd wait a bit longer.  If it's been a week or more, I would either go to the hospital and take care of it in person, or call the main number at the hospital and ask who her supervisor is and then speak to the supervisor.

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on 4/3/14 5:21 am

Thank you for the responses. I left her a nice, but firm message this morning and she called about an hour later. She was very nice but my surgery is scheduled and I will have my sleeve in 2 weeks !!!! I'm so excited !!! Thanks again.