I need help to find a bariatric surgeon who takes Medicaid in northern NJ.

on 4/16/14 7:13 am - Wyckoff, NJ

I need your help finding a doctor. I live in n. New Jersey , I have United Community Plan, they cover the gastric sleeve surgery but have not been helpful in giving me names of participating doctors. I was told if one can't be located within their network I can go out of network to any doctor who will accept medicaid in NJ. Thanx, J.

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on 4/16/14 8:11 am - Irvine, CA

Hi J,

Keep calling the number on the back of your card for a list of state approved surgeons that will be doing the WLS.  They may give you the run around but keep trying. Here is a link of surgeons in your area that does the VSG.  Take a look at the list and if you see a surgeon that you are interested in give them a call to see if they take your insurance.


Please let us know if there is anything else we can do by contact us with the email below.


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