Removing or BLOCKING??

on 7/7/15 10:05 pm

Good Evening,


Does anyone know how to block a particular person from replying to a comment?

Yesterday (my first day to OH) I attempted to help a young lady in California but another member felt that my help was ridiculous and she continues to send these rude comments to me!! In the last one she was crass and boasted about her 11yr status. 


I don't want to read anymore from this person. My situation is hard enough for the one place that I'm turning for inspiration to be turned into an unsafe place to visit

Kathy S.
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RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hello Lovely_Z,

We are sorry you are having a bad experience here on OH. The forums are made of all kinds and some support with rainbows and some use tough love. If there is a member you don't want to interact with go to the thread where the member posted and put your cursor on the avatar of that member.  You will see the option to block in the pop up box.

If you need anything else, let us know at [email protected]

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on 7/7/15 10:25 pm

Thanks for the ! I just followed your instructions and it worked, I feel much better knowing that certain folks can be blocked. I've been known to be sensitive and I think my anxiety has thrown me into a hyperdrive.


on 7/7/15 10:31 pm

I really encourage you not to block this particular person.  Believe me, I understand having thin skin when you are going through major changes in your life but this is the internet and even though we read the words we don' t have the inflection and facial expressions to help us with the context.

I really wish I could here Kim speak because I am sure she has a terrific English accent.

I can only tell you that I had WLS in 2002 and failed miserably and one of the reasons I failed is because I had no support, in real life or online.  I was so ashamed of regaining that I avoided anything that reminded me of my failure.

No only is support essential but so is having others ahead of you to help guide the way.  Unfortunately many people have WLS, stick around for a bit to show off their weight loss and then get immersed in the "real" world, never to be heard from again, except maybe to pop in to bemoan their regain and swear to stick around and get back on track.  Most don't though.

When I had my revision I swore to myself that I wasn't going to disappear like I did after my first WLS.  After I sucked up all the support I could the first few years and was feeling confident and like I could manage on my own from here on out, I vowed to stick around to give as much support as I could, in a way to pay back those who went out of their way to support me, even when I was being silly and emotional and not very grateful.

The statistics show that those who have good support after WLS do better then those who don't.  I wanted to tip the scales in my favor anyway I could and one of the things I knew very well was what not to do, so I could avoid my previous mistake and learn from my own experience.

Now I hope I can help others not follow the path I did.  Sometimes I may come across as a ***** but that is because you can only read my words and not see the genuine concern that I have for others, and compassion and desire to help them not have to go through the pain I went through.  

I still need support of course and I value the help I get from those who have gone before me and have done what I haven't been able to do, which is to keep my weight stable for many years, even decades, because that is what I want for myself.  

If everyone around here bailed after a few years all we would have are a bunch of happy honeymooners showing off before pictures and sharing NSVs and SVs.  But when the honeymoon is over who is going to save your butt when you find yourself slipping into old ways? 

Don't get me wrong.  I love having cheerleaders.  Having my butt kicked when I do stupid things not so much.  But what I like and what I need may not always be the same.  I certainly don't want people patting my head and saying "There, there" when I am making bad choices, either with food or my health.  I want someone who cares more about seeing me succeed then they do about me liking them.

I know I am going on and on but I just took my pain meds (recent surgery) so I am a bit loopy, lol, but when I first started posting after my revision I was very emotional and I went on a blocking spree and blocked just about anyone who said anything I didn't like.  A while later I unblocked everyone because I realized that I was denying myself a wealth of experience because I got my feelings hurt.  I may not have liked what they said but they had managed to do something I never had before and that was to have a successful WLS for years and years.

So now, even though there may be some who rub me the wrong way I won't block them because if I do I may not hear something that could wind up saving my life.  I can choose not to interact with them, and even not to respond if they say something directly to me that I don't like, but I don't want to miss what they have to say because it could be something that I can use either now or down the road that will aid in my success.

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on 7/7/15 11:08 pm

Thank you for the advice Ladytazz, it makes more sense every time I read your words. Maybe one day I can unblock that person when I get thicker skin. But right now I have loads of folks that don't like my decision so I just need a few in my corner to be positive! Please continue to be one of the voices of reason and don't worry I vow to be one of those to stick around. I've been trying to find a support group here in Atlanta, Georgia but to no avail I actually went to the hospital for one that was on their event calendar but no one came to facilitate. I was pissed and came home, sat at my desk, turned on the computer and found this place. 

Again, thanks for the great advice it is much appreciated. Nite 


on 7/7/15 11:18 pm

I haven't found any support groups around here, either.  That is why it is so important for me to stick around here and learn as much as I can.

I know it may not always seem that way but for the most part the people here are very nice and helpful.  They really are doing it out of the kindness of their heart, although truthfully, at least for me, it helps me as much as it helps the other person, because it keeps me mindful and many times what I am saying to others is what I need to hear myself.

Just keep an open mind.  I really hate to see you miss out on some great and helpful information and many times the best information comes from those who have lived with these rearranged guts for a long time.

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on 7/8/15 11:45 am

Thanks again


on 7/8/15 6:26 am
RNY on 02/17/14


Since your surgeon was Titus Duncan, there is a support group based out of Atlanta Medical Center if that is convenient to you.  I had my surgery at Atlanta Medical Center, and the support group there is a good one.  They meet on Monday evenings and Tuesdays at Noon. 


on 7/8/15 6:31 am

Thanks for the response, when I went to the location that was stated on the Peachtree Bariatrics site it said the same thing so myself and two others were there this past Monday ( 1170 South bldg) but there wasn't a facilitator. I found out that it was moved to the AMC downtown. 

I've rearranged my schedule to attend so thanks for bolstering their group. Nice picture by the way! 


on 7/7/15 11:35 pm, edited 7/8/15 12:32 am
RNY on 02/17/14

Glad I could help.  Once you are able to attend, if you get on their email list you can get updates on the dates and times of their support groups as they are not held weekly.  


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