Insurance Weightloss Program

Stacy E.
on 12/19/17 2:52 pm

I was trying to fufill the 3 consecutive months of two weightloss programs to be qualified for surgery through my insurance. I already have weigh****chers (which is lame as hell). I was looking for another program so I asked another bariatric group and one person suggested asking my insurance to see what they prefer because weigh****chers was not a qualifying program for her and instead she had to do weigh ins and meetings with her pcp to qualify.

What I want to know is have anyone gone through that route with their insurance to fulfill the 3 or 6 consecutive months of a weightloss program?

on 12/19/17 3:17 pm
VSG on 05/12/14

Whoever suggested that you specifically check with your insurance company to see what they require is very smart. What others were required to do (or did do) is likely useless to you unless they are insured through the same company and under the same plan. I second the recommendation that you check what will satisfy your particular insurance policy.


Stacy E.
on 12/19/17 5:43 pm

Yep, I will. Out of all the responses I received that one makes the most sense to me

on 12/19/17 6:47 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I agree. Some insurance companies will accept programs like Weigh****chers as long as you have all the documentation, but others insist you do a program with a PCP or dietitian. Mine was one of the latter...

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on 12/20/17 5:53 am
RNY on 02/15/18

My insurance also preferred documented PCP weigh-ins and also documented visits with a nutritionalist. The problem with a lot of those other programs is lack of official medical documentation.

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Stacy E.
on 12/20/17 11:58 am

I see. Well now I can cancell that ridicolous program and stop wasting my money. Thnks alot for that information.