Looking for June 2005 Surgery People!! No more Peer Forum!

Wendy Kipp
on 11/24/18 7:20 am - MI

I am looking for any of the people that used to be in the peer support forum for June of 2005. I was just wondering how they all have been doing. We all went through so much together before and after our surgeries, and without you all I would not have done as well as I did. If any of you are out there, let me know how you are doing!

Kathy S.
on 11/27/18 5:19 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hi Wendy,

Welcome Back! I am sure members would love to hear from you. You can access a list of surgery by dates from 2005 by clicking Community, (upper left hand side) and Weight Loss Surgery Anniversary's. Here is the link:

https://www.obesityhelp.com/weight-loss-surgery/anniversarie s/

I had my surgery in 2004 and love talking to Old Timers LOL. How are you doing? Our community would love to hear about your long term success. If you are interested we would love for you to share your journey in a featured article that will appear on the home page. If you are interested let me know and I will send you some guidelines.

Thanks again for reaching out and if you need anything just contact me.

Take care,


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Janet P.
on 11/29/18 10:06 am

Wendy I had my DS in February 2003, so I guess I'm considered an old timer. It was so different back in the day - very little internet information, mostly face-to-face and word of mouth.

I've been fortunate that my DS continues to work for me. I'd gained about 15 pounds a couple of years ago and felt horrible. Lo and behold the DS still worked - cut the carbs and the extra 15 just melted away. I've been able to keep those additional pounds at bay.

Welcome back!

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny