Stacy E.
on 12/22/18 9:15 pm
Stacy E.
on 12/22/18 9:17 pm

Anyone with Capitol Bluecross Blue Shield PPO knows how soon after the ekg procedure do you get approved/scheduled for surgery?

Mary Gee
on 12/24/18 10:53 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Approval time for surgery can vary on a case by case basis. I assume you've met every other requirement of your insurer? And all of your surgeon's requirements too? It can depend also on the workload of the individual working on your file. And time of year. My insurer took over a week to give me approval once they had all the paperwork submitted.

I'm sure you're super anxious!! Insurers general give you a ten day window for them to approve the paperwork.

Good luck to you!


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Stacy E.
on 12/24/18 12:15 pm
Kathy S.
on 12/26/18 9:30 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hi Stacy and Welcome to OH

Ugh, waiting can be so hard and yes it can depend on many factors. None of which you are depending on people to follow through on a timely basis. I would suggest give any step you take the time they say it will take but then be pro-active and call, call, call. You never know if someone drops the ball and you staying on top of it may help move things along. We are our greatest asset when it comes to our health.

We are excited for you and please stay in touch and keep us posted on how things are going. If you need help don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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Valerie G.
on 1/3/19 3:49 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

It took me several months just to jump through the hoops they wanted me to do before I could even apply for pre-approval (orientation, doc visit, psych clearance, etc). Once submitted, the insurance company reserved 30 days to review the material and approve/decline (I was approved in 10 days). Once approved, it was another six weeks before I was actually in surgery.

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