Hmmmm, smart shoes that track your weight gain.

Gina 17 Yrs and Still

on 2/6/19 6:48 am - Burleson , TX

I believe I will pass...

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on 2/10/19 7:55 am
VSG on 01/10/19

Does anyone remember the Wii fit board? It would calculate your weight when you stepped on, and if you gained weight it would groan! An Army friend (who was in great shape) tried his kid's and he said he was about to throw it through a window when he remembered it had been his kid's Christmas.

We had one and I NEVER stepped on it, not even once! No inanimate object gets an opinion about my weight.

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on 2/15/19 6:05 am

I do not trust technology at would not be a bad invention though i wonder how many shoes one will have to own in order to track you weight everyday.