Hello all. My name is Latisha and I'm in need of help. I currently need a psych evaluation...

on 5/28/19 9:20 am

Hello all. I'm in need of help. I'm in the process of consultation and am currently in need of a psych evaluation example letter or template that my psychiatrist can go by being this will be his first clearance. Is there anyone here that has been cleared for surgery that can share a template or letter that he can go by? TIA ð?'?

on 5/28/19 10:10 am
VSG on 08/23/16

Talk to the co-ordinator at your surgeon's office. They may have a template that you can forward to your doctor. Your surgeon's office will know what language your insurance company will likely require.

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on 5/28/19 10:22 am

I did talk to the nurse coordinator and emailed me a sample of what needs to be i a VA letter as an example for him, but it's not that elaborate at all

on 5/28/19 1:57 pm

when i had my psy eval done my surgeons office had a list of people that they they recommended & these people had the forms that my surgeon used. that really saved me alot of time and hassle. i just picked one of these people & the gentleman i chose, an older male social worker was very nice. no testing or anything, it was just more like a conversation with him. once he completed the eval he forwarded it to my surgeon.

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on 5/28/19 12:17 pm

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on 5/28/19 12:22 pm

Thank you sooo much ð?'?

on 5/30/19 1:06 am
RNY on 12/22/08 with

I like that the lifetime vitamin requirement is on there.

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