Who has regained all the lost weight at 10+ years out?

Elizabeth W.
on 2/21/20 12:22 pm - Chickasaw, AL
I feel like a fat loser and not in the good way. I went through a bad divorce 3 years after my surgery, Pregnancy, then death of the baby. Weight began coming back on due to my self sabotage. My highest weight before surgery ( 12/26/2007) was 320, as of yesterday I'm at 294. Lowest weight was 154. I am super ashamed to go to my surgeon. Not sure anything can be done anyway. I can't sit and eat a ton of food but graze through the day. My weight is once again out of control, and I don't even know where to begin. How on earth did I go through a life changing surgery to get my life back to just lose it again.....HELP!!

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on 2/21/20 9:29 pm
DS on 11/01/14

No reason to feel ashamed. There are only 2 things that matter - Your health and how you feel about yourself. You can take small steps to get back on track over time. I'd also suggest talking to your surgeon without worrying about it - if he's any good at all there will not be any judgement, just next steps to get back on track.

Best wishes

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/22/20 10:28 am

I am sorry you are dealing with that again.

And you know that your bad eating choices, grazing are the very reasons you regained. You mentioned a thing- you still have restrictions when you eat, and that may indicate that the tool you got in 2007 still works. But that you really dont use it as it is supposed to be used.

You know that oing to basics, stopping the self sabotage, may help you to wake up the person in you that once was so dedicated that you lost over 160 lbs.

Getting therapy may be crucial to your recovery. Both mental and physical. I know my eating can be really bad when my stress is really high. Taking charge of my mental health was one of my step to help me lose my regain of app 35+ lbs.

Going to a surgeon or regular family doc to make sure your minerals and vitamins in your body are optimal.

Considering a revision, to help accelerate the regained weight, may be an option, but be really really cautious who you would allow to do that again. As far as I know, some revision can be very complicated and there are only a handful of bariatric surgeons that can do that and not cause severe complications. But I would reserve a revision if I discovered that my current configuration is broken, and " it's need fixing ".

Some docs refuse doing revision due to regain alone, if they believe the patient was not willing to do their part.

Not sure if you would like to get down to 150's or if 160-170's lbs range is more realistic long term.

In any case, losing 120-140 lbs may take you as long as a year, or longer, depending on how dedicated you become from now on.

When I regained app 35 lbs - my PCP told me in straight forward way, that my BMI was in obese range, and that I needed to lose 15 lbs and come to see him in months.

That was my turning point. In 3 months I lost close to 20 lbs, but then my lose got much slower, plus I lost my original "I can and WILL" do that, and became complacent again. Fluctuating within 5 lbs at my new weight. Only real dedication and effort helped me get down to my goal and beyond that. But it still took me close to a year to accomplish that.

I had the time. I used it. Going back to basics, eliminating any alcohol I had in social situations, eliminating grains and most starchy foods.

You CAN get to your new goal. Question: how badly do you want that?

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on 2/22/20 4:52 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

I'm sorry you are dealing with regain. I more sorry that life has chosen to hand you so many sour lemons. Don't continue to waste time being down on yourself. If you want to see the surgeon go. He/she sees regain everyday. If they react poorly, then it's not the clinician you need to be dealing with. In the interim, try and pick three small things to change in your habits. You'll feel confident that you've followed through in something- no matter how small. Build from there.

good luck!

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on 2/23/20 5:23 am

First, let me say that I'm drawing from my own experience and not judging you in any way.

I have a ten-year-old DS that still works like new. In fact, I have to work hard to keep weight on, and I don't understand how anyone with a DS can regain!

That said, I realize everyone is different, and every surgery has variations depending on the surgeon and that can make the difference.

I hope you can find the answer to your weight gain issue. Perhaps readjusting your food plan until you find something that works for you?

If you don't take supplements, please start. Check out Vitalady for the DS regimen. That will give you some idea of what you should be doing.

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Citizen Kim
on 2/23/20 8:06 am - Castle Rock, CO

Is Vitalady still an ongoing entity since she died?

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on 2/23/20 9:30 am

I believe the company still exists. Try going to vitalady.com and see what comes up.

HW 405/SW 397/CW 138/GW 160  Do the research!  Check the stats!
The DS is *THE* solution to Severe Morbid Obesity!


on 2/23/20 9:36 am

HW 405/SW 397/CW 138/GW 160  Do the research!  Check the stats!
The DS is *THE* solution to Severe Morbid Obesity!


on 3/2/20 3:50 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I'm sorry she died . How old was she ? What conditions did she have that led to her death , presumably Not from vitamin deficiency?

on 2/23/20 10:53 pm
DS on 11/01/14

I'm year 6 post wls from SADi DS and have the same experience as you regarding having to work to keep it on. I'm more worried if I travel for a few weeks or get sick, I'll end up losing weight fast. I see the SADi DS constantly attacked as a fraud on this site but reality is it has worked incredibly well for me, and makes up for a lot of sins on my part. I'm glad to see your Hess DS is doing the same for you 10 years out. I think the DS & SADi DS procedures just fits better on certain digestive tracts and body types. I'm not sure what the triggers are though.