Losing the Regain - I'm Still Here

on 3/3/20 4:47 am

Today I check in with my nutritionist. My weight is up a pound from my last post here, making my total loss of regain 6 lbs. I wish I could say it was down another couple of pounds but....

My eating has fallen into a different pattern than it's been in many years. I eat 2 meals and 2 snacks a day, with brunch at about 11 am and dinner about 5 pm. My afternoon snack might be a Paleo protein bar (no added sugar or sugar alcohols) or fruit, and my evening snack a sugar free jello.

I did go on a carb binge about 10 days ago, which lasted 3 days. I ate some banana bread and girl scout cookies. In case I was wondering - yes, I'm perfectly capable of addictive eating, of binge eating, and of throwing all logic out the window where food is concerned.

Another variable is exercise. I am still dealing with a broken foot so literally my daily steps are negligible. Shoot, I'm barely walking to the bathroom! I have a boot and a knee scooter going on, and have to be very careful. But on the point of exercise, I do have a rarely used gym membership. My plan is to dump that membership and go for a more extensive gym nearby that offers more of what I have enjoyed in the past - specifically some Les Mills classes and water aerobics. It will cost a bit more but I am really thinking of that option, especially due to the zero impact of water exercise on this foot. (Small injury - big impact!)

Anyway. Losing it continues to be the project of the day. Day after day. Hanging in there. I know I'm not the only one, not the first, not the last.

Citizen Kim
on 3/3/20 6:43 am - Castle Rock, CO

Just keep plugging along. As long as you don't get to the "eff it" stage, you'll do this!

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Gina 17 Yrs and Still

on 3/3/20 6:48 am - Burleson , TX

Carb binges happen...at least to you, and I, apparently! We have to get up, wipe the (cookie) dust off, and do the next right thing...

Sounds like your head and heart are in the right modes, so just keep doing what you are doing! We KNOW the scale is not the "do all/be all", but we are also realistic enough to know we WANT those numbers to move DOWN!!!

Continue monitoring your eating plan, of course, like you have been doing. Don't sweat the exercise. You are burning more energy, AKA calories, than you realize, just lugging that foot boot around!

You got this!!

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on 3/3/20 10:17 am

Keep at it. I agree with the above commenters on not getting to the "eff it" stage. You've owned up to the minor downfall and you are picking yourself back up with ways to create good habits for the future. Thank you for sharing.

on 3/8/20 1:31 pm

You have to keep trying. ?

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