Books, podcasts, people you follow to help you with life?

on 10/15/20 4:14 pm

I feel like I'm not mentally where I want to be with my relationship with food. Can you recommend any books/podcasts/ anything that has helped you get into the right mind set?

Still trying to get this "Therapy" thing in check since session #2 with the new therapist wasn't eventful

on 10/16/20 5:35 am
RNY on 02/14/18

My program recommended "mindful eating" by Jan chozen bays. It's a little on the woo-woo side for me but allowing for that, it has a lot of good tips and the mental excercises on the cd are good. The types of hunger understanding are useful to me every day.

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on 10/16/20 10:31 am

I've gone through Instagram and followed a few people that I feel have shared more for the motivational side vs the "Look at me". Bariatric Foodie, and there are A LOT of mentions for The World According to EggFace. I just recently started looking at all of her stuff

on 10/16/20 3:24 pm

Meaningful therapy takes time. I'd be shocked if anything dramatic has happened in 2 sessions. You and the therapist are still figuring each other out. It may take more than a few therapists to find the right one for you.

Between some family members with psychiatric issues I've been in contact easily with 50 social workers, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists over the years. Well over half were literally useless because they had pet theories they tried to squeeze everyone into. I also encountered some exceptional people that worked hard to help. Find one you respect but don't take everything as gospel.

On the whole, Psychology is not terribly scientific yet. It's hard to get double blind studies so we are left with agenda driven anecdotes.

Supplemental reading can help but it's real easy to draw the wrong conclusions about yourself. I am a huge believer in reading to learn about things, but psych issues still require interactive action, not passive viewing.

Because of my experiences I have VERY strong opinions on this. Can you tell?

Do what is right for you. If it's uncomfortable you're probably on the right track.

Good luck,


Kathleen W.
on 10/19/20 6:02 pm - Lancaster, PA

There are some really good suggestions already mentioned. Now, with that being said, there are two things that help me. I can't attest if helps anyone else but it helps me.

1) I attend WW meetings (now that re opened-Covid 19 health concerns). It helps keep me grounded on topics such as healthy eating habits, fitness activities eg walking, accountability, and coping mechanisms. Very few know I had a bypass eleven years ago.


2) I watch My 600 lb life on TLC. I was getting to the point where the show could have been about me. I knocks some sense into me of what I DON'T want to become/

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