Blue Tooth Scales?

on 11/9/20 11:40 am

What is a good scale to get? Something that calculates everything? ?I should have gotten one before having surgery, but at least if I get one now, I'll be able to track most of my weight loss. If you have had any, what were your PRO's and CON's?

on 11/9/20 1:13 pm

I would go for smar****ch scales, they track everything from your heart rate to body fat to your BMI. I haven't found any CONS with it as of yet.

on 11/9/20 1:25 pm


on 11/10/20 10:29 am
VSG on 06/11/18

The body fat percentage reported by the smart scale is very useful, particularly later on. Right after surgery, the pounds come off quickly, but each pound is only a tiny fraction of your body fat. As you get closer to goal, the pounds come off more slowly, but each one is a greater proportion of the body fat, so even if your weight isn't changing, you can see your body fat percentage changing. I usually see a reduction in the body fat percentage a few days before I see a reduction in weight. Having two numbers to keep an eye on means that I get less frustrated by stalls.

Also, being able to see the graph of your weight over time is very helpful for keeping things in perspective. There were several times when I thought my weight loss had slowed, but when I looked at the graph, I realised that it hadn't; I was just too impatient!

I don't have any recommendation on specific models, but I hope this information will help you decide if a smart scale is worth the cost to you.

White Dove
on 11/11/20 7:14 am

I bought the Garmin Index Smart Scale as a Christmas present to myself in December, 2015. It was $150. It was brand new and I had one of the first to be shipped to the USA. I figured it would go down in price, but it is still the same. It measures weight, BMI, muscle, water, bone density, and fat content. It sends everything to my computer and my phone and creates great records and graphs.

When I gain a pound, I can tell exactly which numbers are different. I used Garmin's fitness trackers so it was a great combination for me.

A lot of people like the Aria scale which works well with Fitbit. I just bought an Apple watch and so am looking for something that works with that. But have not found anything and will stay with my Garmin scale for now.

PROs: Great customer service and great accuracy. I have had several dexa scans and the results are almost identical with my scale readings. Automatic syncing with my other devices. Good graphs and records. A battery lasts about a year.

CONs: Possibly the price, but it was a very good investment for me.

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on 11/14/20 2:07 pm

I use FitIndex, it was cheap from Amazon and has an easy to use app. I also have the FitIndex tape measure, which makes it pretty easy to measure your waist/hip/thighs/whatever digitally into the app.

However, be careful with smart scales. They are terrible at giving you accurate readings for things like body fat. I don't trust that number at all and was generally just using my smart scale to keep my weight easily tracked in my phone. It underestimated my body fat when I was larger, and now that I'm small and have loose skin, it overestimates it.

on 11/16/20 3:34 pm

Very Interesting! I never thought of that! Thank you!