Does anyone else have a Fatty Liver?

on 11/12/20 10:28 am

Does fatty liver disease go away after weight loss?

on 11/12/20 1:37 pm
On November 12, 2020 at 6:28 PM Pacific Time, Lina_Ando wrote:

Does fatty liver disease go away after weight loss?

My Doc said it was one of the largest livers he's seen.

My labs have been straight-up normal for years now.

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on 11/12/20 3:36 pm - Victorville, CA

Mine did! I was told that when we are put on a "Pre surgery liquid/modified diet" your liver is one of the first places that loses its fat, which makes surgery easier for your surgeon. I have a feeling that while it may be gradual, it will always improve when ANY weight is lost. A lot of our comorbidities go away, in time =)

on 11/16/20 3:20 pm

I did. I haven't had any tests done in recent years, but was told that the fat on your liver decreases as your weight does. No issues other than some gallstones with cause some mild discomfort