Post ops-Do you still attend weight loss surgery support groups?

on 11/21/20 5:53 am
VSG on 10/05/19

A three hour drive would keep me from attending too. At least you are finding support through another program. I have heard of TOPS and just looked it up locally and they do have meetings here but I haven't been good about in person meetings in the past.

on 11/26/20 1:18 pm

Hello, My name is Sherrie, I'm a fellow TOPS member and went for many years. I was leader for years, Weight recorder and loved it all. But...when I got very sick (Fibromyalgia)I had lost over 135 #'s and couldn't keep on going due to the many problems. I loved going until I left and decided to go back. There was a new leader that was totally not helping. She didn't follow all of TOPs guidelines so I left. My daughter and I joined another Tops and went there for 1 year until I decided to have my WLS. I really wish they had information on the WLS's. The last group I went to, started allowing surgery people to join but they couldn't join in on any contest and their weight loss wasn't counted gain or loss. I feel like they should be able to count the weight after they reach their goals. But then I'm not the head of any office so I guess that is why. LOL

Melody P.
on 11/20/20 5:53 pm - TX

I've only used OH. I lurked on another site a bit and on Facebook groups. Honestly they were a bit militant or super judgmental. My way or the highway kind of thing.

OH has more vets that are in it for the long haul. They are brutally honest but I've come to realize it's because they truly want others to succeed. Even if it's hard to hear sometimes.

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on 11/21/20 6:01 am
VSG on 10/05/19

I haven't looked into any Facebook or other groups at all and I think I will stay away. I don't need any more judgement. Honesty from those that have long-term experience is priceless.

on 11/21/20 6:30 am
RNY on 06/03/15

this site seems to have more vets on it than any other I've found, and that's extremely helpful - esp for those of us who are rather far out from surgery. I sometimes pop into other sites for a few days or weeks, but most of the participants on those are newbies, so I always seem to be answering questions or addressing concerns ("I'm three weeks out and I'm not losing any weight!! What am I doing wrong?") and not getting much in the way of useful (to me) information or support. I haven't tried Facebook groups, but I've heard enough negative things about them that I've never pursued them.

on 11/26/20 1:23 pm

Hi I'm Sherrie, I'm new to this forum. There are some good support on Facebook. If you don't like what is said you just (smile and Wave boys) scroll by and ignore them. I have a few groups I like to visit.

Kathleen W.
on 11/22/20 6:34 am - Lancaster, PA

I haven't been to a WLS support group in over a decade. I come here to check out things. I also do WW meetings to help keep me on track.

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on 11/23/20 1:15 pm

I am 8 years out and at my goal weight for 8 years. I did go to a support group locally. I stopped due to all the negative people. Also, they were all talking about everything they could cheat on and I felt like I wasn't going to go sit there and listen to that!! I was trying to get support but that didn't happen. I have been going to a few online support groups. I really wish there was a regular support group to go to. But...your online support group would sure work for me.

on 11/27/20 5:47 am

Support groups are always good for me to attend. I learn something from someone each time and it is nice to be with now new friends who understand your weight loss journey.

on 11/30/20 10:06 am

Sometimes I will attend just to offer support to others, but I get very little personally from groups like that. Groups have never been my thing and I don't feel I really need help with much at this point. I really was always a loner in most things.

You really do reach a point where everything becomes very routine and normal. Right now I'm in a good groove.

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