ISO Legitimate Dating Sites for WLS Singles

Devon Moore
on 8/30/21 10:27 am - Smyrna, GA
I am 10 years plus post surgery and have kept the weight off. As you all know, there are residual effects to our bodies that we have to control and maintain. I have been dating for some time and when the conversation leads to eating habits/routines and/or intimacy, I still struggle explaining and being accepted as is. Is there a LEGIT dating site that caters to WLS singles? I would like to meet a man that has gone through the same things I have or is at least accepting of it.


Devon Moore
White Dove
on 8/30/21 4:08 pm - Warren, OH

There are no weight loss surgery dating sites. You might meet someone on this site, if you are lucky. We have at least one happy couple who met on here.

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Devon Moore
on 9/1/21 6:33 am - Smyrna, GA
Devon Moore
Citizen Kim
on 8/31/21 6:17 am - Castle Rock, CO

I have dated lots of non wls guys and never found it a problem (I'm married now)

I never discussed my surgery unless it was a serious exclusive relationship because frankly it's not anyone's business.

At 10 years plus I'm surprised you even bring it up.

Maybe consider why you feel a need to share this far out?

Good luck, I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my gorgeous prince who loves me exactly as I am, wls and all.

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Devon Moore
on 9/1/21 6:42 am - Smyrna, GA
Thanks Kim! All good points...
Devon Moore
on 6/27/22 10:09 am
Well a few issues that come up that could be related to WLS

*loose skin or PS scars
*not being able to eat much at one time
*not drinking soda or cola or much if any alcohol
*not eating a bunch of crap
*taking supplements. like multi and calcium daily
*having issues related to the WLS like dumping, anemia or hypoglycemia

None are really issues related to dating BUT if you start spending alot of time together or sleeping together it comes up. Great they you have been lucky enough to find someone who loves you just as you are, but not everyone has been so lucky yet. I wouldn't post the info on a dating site, but still they are issues that you eventually need to discuss with someone. And BTW I am 14 years out and yes, it would still come up.


Currently 125  pounds
on 9/1/21 6:19 am
RNY on 04/15/19

I know of some couples who met at their WLS support group meetings!

on 6/22/22 1:27 pm

I wish you to find your other half

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