Trying Cool Sculpting Today ! ( Otherwise Known as Fat Freezing)

on 12/4/21 2:09 am, edited 12/4/21 2:17 am
RNY on 09/01/12

I received this coupon for half off eight sessions of Cool Sculpting. Since I haven?t heard from my plastic surgeon I decided to try it today.

Supposedly it not only permanently freezes and gets rid of empty and full fat cells ( through pee ) it also is supposed to tighten skin permanently and scsrlessly.

It?s also significantly cheaper than traditional liposuction and good for tough areas like under the chin, bra overhang , back fat, inner thighs and flabby knees ?

Im a normal weight so I don?t expect to lose as much as with traditional lipo ( which is fifteen lbs max basically anyway ? not very much either) but I?m excited about the possibility of scarless skin tightening without the need for wearing uncomfortable and unsightly ( and expensive! ) compression garments for six weeks too !

Please wish me luck and that hopefully it won?t be too painful! ( I?m the world?s biggest wimp when it comes to pain)

Citizen Kim
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I'd be very interested in your results. My Botox lady does it, but it's very spendy, so I was a bit reluctant.

Maybe you could post before and Afters?

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RNY on 09/01/12

Yes it?s VERY expensive compared to tried and true ( and permanently effective) liposuction.

The question is do I want to wait till April essentially to get real lipo done ? I can?t wear compression garments around my parents in Florida where I?m expected to swim every other day!

Yikes ! It?s a big decision I need to make by Monday morning .

I would say it?s triple the expense for uncertain results . Certainly not fifteen lbs or even ten lbs of fat removal ? maybe two lbs max for triple the price of lipo and in just a couple of small areas.