Bonjoy Campfire Latte review

on 1/5/22 3:50 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

So I won a prize pack from OH and Unjury through the December giveaways. The Bonjoy was something knew that I didn't know about so I wanted to post a review of this new product.

Bonjoy is a protein dessert that you can have either as a gelato or chilled like a pudding; you use a different amount of water depending on if you're chilling or freezing it but basically it's prepared the same.

One issue that I sometimes have with protein powders is they can be hard to mix to smooth consistency and the directions do say mix until smooth. I was able to do it with a spoon in just a few minutes and while it wasn't completely smooth when I stopped, there were no lumps.

I chilled it for the day in the fridge (I wanted to try the pudding version first).

After about 8 hours of chilling, it was not set up to the same consistency as a true pudding; it was still a bit loose but also very foamy and light; I would almost describe it as a Wendy's frosty that had melted a bit -- but the airiness and foaminess is very nice. I liked the texture of it.

Campfire Latte is like a s'mores meets coffee flavor and is very good; not super smokey flavored or super coffee flavored but definitely get the taste of the marshmallow; I like the flavor of it (I'm a huge coffee person and I love SF toasted marshmallow syrup in my coffee so it was perfect). It does taste very creamy too which is interesting because the texture is lighter.

It is very sweet, the sweeter is Sucralose. I made a single serving but after about 3 bites, I felt like I had enough of it because it is very sweet, so a think for me a single serving may be 3 servings, which is fantastic. You get the treat, you get the protein and fewer calories. It came with a cup with a lid for mixing and storing so that works fine.

I look forward to trying it as a gelato (it might replace my favorite frozen treat of a slightly frozen light and fit yogurt) and would probably try one of the other flavors (cookies and cream/berry) as well.

I think it's a nice add to their portfolio of bariatric friendly, high protein options!

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on 1/7/22 6:10 am - Irvine, CA

Thank you so much for sharing! This is one I want to try, so knowing what to expect is so helpful. I've never been disappointed by UNJURY's flavors or taste, but this new item has me intrigued and wanting to try. Great idea about a gellato, that is something I would enjoy for sure.